I TOOK A SOCCER BALL TO THE… (worst pain ever) Feat. F2 Freestylers!

I TOOK A SOCCER BALL TO THE… (worst pain ever) Feat. F2 Freestylers!

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Mom, I can’t talk right now, I’m about to get hit in the dick! Ow! F*ck! Ayyyyy! *cough* Ayyyyy. Yo, good morning Logang! What’s popping? so it’s funny I just signed off yesterday’s vlog And now I’m gonna go workout so without talking too much lets do this lets do it Lets do it! lets do it! lets do it! lets do it! lets do it! lets do it!! lets do it! We did it. Okay I got my protein shak’e, That is french for shake, just kidding I lied, i also lied about having a shake, cause its gone i drank it in between the cuts got cha, got cha got cha, got cha b****h i also want to address one thing, the meth that i tried to make yesterday first off let me also say that it was candy meth, NOT REAL METH!!! , not drugs, good? anyways look apparently this stuff takes 4 hours its supposed to harden do you see, tell me if you see a problem with that wait a second its still liquid YO! this sucks! this is not an epic fail, this was a catastophic fail!! not only did it not harden, its like it became anti harden something happened along the way haa, f**k my life. anyway, i have a video collab there’s these youtube guys that are called the F2 guys who do soccer tricks so im gonna collab with them in santa monica, so I’m gonna shower off and *Epic music* Ooooo! Ooooo That’s a punt, Jeff. You almost made it halfway. oh god that one hurt i’m fine that one hurt like a bit*h i think i’mma call it a day on that uh, for all the logang watching i understand that this was the title of the video Yo, I’m 21 years old. When is it gonna end? With that obnoxiousness, that random girl and my boy George being back… That is the vlog! I am the one, the o- That’s my boy! Thank you guys for watching! If you are not a part of the Logang, make sure to subscribe! Join the family! I’m not gonna lie; it’s popping on this channel. (yeah) popping, popping level like this… *pop* Awww, he does it much better! With that, I love you Logang! I will see you tomorrow. Peace *laughing*

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  1. “Mom I can’t talk right now I’m about to get hit in the dick” except the “Mom” is “Teacher and the can’t talk right now is can’t come to school ?

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