Irish Rugby TV: Emerald Warriors Ready For Union Cup

Irish Rugby TV: Emerald Warriors Ready For Union Cup

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Long term it’s always been to
develop layers and get guys who’ve never played rugby into rugby and I suppose last
year we had a huge influx of players yet probably didn’t have enough games for them. We’d only one team so we pushed on to try two teams.
I knew they’d perform after going up two divisions. The Division 9 team we
competed in the League final. In preparations for Union Cup generally
speaking we were training twice a week but we stepped that up now to three times a week. A lot more fitness work trying to refine the skills a lot more with the
training sessions, stepping up the intensity for the Union Cup itself. The
pressure is on for the host team but at the same time we’re
confident in our abilities. We know it’s going to be tough with three teams
competing and it’s not just the first team that’s that’s that’s the most
important team. All three teams are there to compete and put on a good show for
the crowd. So the second team have explored a bit
of rugby this year so they’ll be quite comfortable playing in this
tournament and thirds team is purely just explore rugby because they’ve never
actually played a rugby match before. Guys come in and have never played a
sport and after a couple of months you you see they’re making a tackle – that’s
better than winning anything. Throwing a pass and making the decision on the
pitch and seeing them grow in confidence in a sport that’s quite difficult to be
confident at. When you see that. You see a person grow you know you have achieved
something as a club. Hats off to Richie and the guys that have put a lot of hard
work in from 2016. He was telling me to start the bid process to get it down
here and if we don’t put these things in the forefront of people’s minds, then
people don’t become aware and that is the big thing is to make sure that
people are aware that this is going on on the importance of it.

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