Irish Rugby TV: Union Cup 2019 Review

Irish Rugby TV: Union Cup 2019 Review

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We went out to hit plenty of firsts. Plenty of milestones and we’ve done it. The support has been phenomenal. We wanted to bring in the rugby community, the LGBT community but the general public to
see what this is about and that has happened. The festival vibe here that’s
taken off over the weekend has been really special and the engagement has
been extra special so yeah I think that’s a win. It just shows
where it’s pitching us to be next year even when we go on to the next
tournament and where we’re going to be going into the Leinster Metro league next
year. It’s filling us with immense confidence. It’s brought in a whole new
level of confidence to the whole squad as to what we’ve got ahead of us for
next year. Some of us venture to elite levels but this all levels catered for over
here. Me especially I tried to push and expose the women’s game and get our team
up and running and always trying to push the standards and push the boundaries.
I think we were hugely professional and consistent throughout the weekend
and it’s a huge honour to start this and finish it with the Dr Ann Louise
Gilligan Trophy who obviously has a personal place in some of our hearts. She’s a special woman and obviously for Minister Zappone too. It’s been a fairy tale for the weekend to go as it’s gone. What a tournament and it’s been an
honour for both myself and Railway to be involved. The excitement is tangible. The
enjoyment factor is huge. People are really here to engage but to
enjoy themselves. We talk all the time about our commitment our values. It’s
hugely important that we demonstrate that commitment. This is a tangible
demonstration of inclusivity, integrity and respect for others.
It promises an awful lot for the future because everyone said how much fun they’ve had. How delighted we are to have had 45 teams here from 15 different
countries across Europe. In Dublin for a celebration of rugby, a celebration
of difference, a celebration of inclusivity and it’s
really important that we embrace all that and we have embraced it. you

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