Japanese rugby team receives formal pohiri in Auckland

Japanese rugby team receives formal pohiri in Auckland

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Japan is the first team
to be welcomed to Aotearoa in the formal Maori way. Today at Aotea Square in Auckland, the local iwi and the
NZ Royal Navy haka group welcomed the Japanese
team with a pohiri. Maori welcome the Japanese
rugby team with an official pohiri. Today, many gathered at
Aotea Square in Auckland. A statement supported
by the warrior of the day. It’s an honour, because their coach
is former All Black, John Kirwan. But the coach says
the honour is his. And the two Maori in
the Japanese team both agree. They will play hard,
regardless of their opponents. They’re both Maori
and will play their best. Six RWC teams have arrived in NZ. This is the first of 19 teams that will receive
an official Maori welcome. Today, the Japanese team has arrived
and are taking plenty of photos. On Saturday, there will be
a pohiri for the All Blacks. And on Tuesday, Australia
will be officially welcomed. Roihana Nuri, Te Karere.

6 thoughts on “Japanese rugby team receives formal pohiri in Auckland”

  1. Thanks for posting this but can we get some subtitles- because Maori (I'm assuming this language is Maori) is spoken- like – nowhere else in the world.

  2. @DagamingMonstah I get your point- I'm English and live in Australia- in case you don't know both London and Sydney are absolutely full of Maoris- and while I've ocviously not met all of them- I have met a fair few and none of them spoke more than a few worlds of Maori.
    All I'm saying is this seems a really interesting report and I can't understand a word of it..
    BTW- I've visited NZ four times and what a fantastic county it is (full of bloody Poms though) 🙂

  3. atu i nga All Blacks and those bloody Wallabies, koinei tetahi o nga tima pumau hei tautoko maaku. Kiakaha ki a koutou Japan. Kaua e awangawanga ki nga whakawaitanga ki mua i a koutou mo tenei toonamana. he maunga teitei ka piki, he wai hohonu ka kaukau, he rangi mamao ka rere, he kemu nui kei te haere pureihia. He hua ka puta mo te pai, hei whakapakaritanga mo koutou. akuni ka tiro mai nga tima eee ka mau te wehi!!!

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