Joe Cross – Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – PART 1/2  | London Real

Joe Cross – Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – PART 1/2 | London Real

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67 thoughts on “Joe Cross – Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – PART 1/2 | London Real”

  1. Seriously… skip ahead to 5:37 to start the video. It takes 10,000 years to finally start so save yourself some time.

  2. Most guys under 40 dont realise what Joe said its 100% true… when your 39 you dont give a crap about your age and you can still look as good as you did in your 20's if you want to put in a little effort and still feel you'll stay that way for another decade. (or not completely abuse yourself) but then.. the very next day when you hit 40!! Everything changes.. (you now remember how old your parents were when they were 40! when you were just a kid….now that's you!!) you now have a '4' in front of your age and that changes EVERYTHING!.. 30's.. just a young lad… 40's..your youthfullness disappears fast ! ..overnight! .. When your 20.. you really only have 19 more years left before your now an old guy.. with a '4' in the front of there age! so make those 19 years worth every second! After than you'll realise you had better start saving and planning for your retirement… even if your wealthy your position in life is far less important as 'you'll be replaced by the younger versions around you…and just be that 'older dad' guy.

    When your young and people tell you… 'you have your whole life ahead of you!' : ) that's true.. but you really only have until your 40 before the rest of your life will be more about growing old.. which isn't long! So make the most of it.


  4. why do doctors not like juicing and say juicing is like drinking sugar ? and that the pulp is fibre which slows down the glucose.

  5. When the gun guy said god takes them with no regard to what they ate in life. That is the worst part about people that believe in a god.

  6. People have been juicing for decades. There are only so many combos of green juice, it's not like he's got a brand new bag of tricks. He is inspiring, so i'll give him props for that.

  7. Brian is a hack.
    Joe is awesome.
    You can't watch the second half of this video unless you sign in on Brians website!
    And the first 6 mins is an infomercial…feeling a bit manipulated at this point.

  8. Joe, am I just seeing things or have you put a lot of weight back on? I can see it in your face and less than cut jaw line. Plus you're wearing baggy clothes in many of your videos. Just seems like you're preaching "do as I DID in the 60 day, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead program, but NOT as I'm doing" . What gives?

  9. Practice what you preach man! You're fat again. I guess you're at least rolling in the dough, green backs that is. Now, your host looks lean and ripped! What happened brother???

  10. And thеn, уoou caаn kеeр thе weight you desirе fоorevеr – guаrаnteed reeеesult. Unсoоvеееer mоre hеrе:

  11. Started the juicing and commitment to getting healthy! 20 days in. I feel better than I have in years. Your movie is amazing . Common sense approach and you guys are inspiring. Thanks!

  12. "Pulp doesn't do anything for you. Sure it helps the digestion and things like that." Are you crazy? They are now calling the "pulp" probiotics because they are what the gut loves the most. And, whether you know it or not (you should!) your gut is between 60-70% of your immune system. "Us … can make each other better." You know as much about nutrition as you know about grammar.

  13. Hello Joe my name is Camita this is the almost the end of 2017 as I was browsing through Netflix I stumbled across your movie I’m inspired to start my reboot my journey I hope you continue making these movies to help people like me

  14. Evolution is a lie & Mother nature is a myth. There is only God & his creation. Remember to give him thanks for providing everything we need to be healthy. He gives us the plants for food, clean air to breath, clean water, sunshine etc. All of God's creation is a blessing. Stop pretending he doesn't exist & just say thank you once in awhile.

  15. It's amazing how someone who has gained such a prominent status in the health community has no idea how detoxification works, yet he's gone through the process himself more than once

  16. 'Eat life instead of death', said Joe…yet Joe returned to eating death…this is contradictory and confusing.

  17. That documentary changed my life, I lost weight and regained my self respect after juicing and changing my eating habits.. Love Joe!

  18. I'm trying to find a diet to lose weight. I had stomach stapling in 1980's. I had Colon cancer. Now I'm 70 yrs old, 5'3" y'all, 220lb. 😥
    I now have no stomach, acid reflux, bleeding ulcer, hiatus hernia, no stomach muscles, a lot of metal and cadaver bones in my spine. Not a penny to our name. Would this diet help me? Linda

  19. I….struggle to care what this entitled, rich, smug fuck champagne socialist thinks. When the balloon goes up, what fucking use will the banal shit this twat vomits be? I'm far too clever to fall for this Ben Elton faux subversive horseshit, and you should be too. Oh, but, please, do continue to suck the tit of a fraud. Do not let me stop you. Mmmmmm, comfortable middle class fake rebellion. Yummy.

  20. Hi Joe, what you did and showed the world was fabulous! I think if a lot of people went vegan they wouldn't get fat. I've been vegan most of my life and always been trim to skinny. Loved your film. 💜💋✌️

  21. Wow I can not believe some comments are so mean. Give Joe a break. So what if he's gained a few lbs. He did mention in his second film that he travels alot and sometimes the stress level is high. Because of that it's easy to indulge in less healthier food choices. What's important is that he is not sick and does not take any medications. He also mentioned he reboots every now and then.

    Joe you have inspired and motivated millions of people including myself. I am not vegan nor vegetarian, and not overweight. However, I do want to try juicing daily and to eat the right foods in moderation. Thanks Joe for the inspiration!! Juice on!

  22. he put himself on something strict, of course he'd see results. Right on.
    I have a chronic autoimmune problem, type 2 diabetic, and clinically depressed…all since age 15. I never had the chance to feel what it is like to be "in shape", though I have healthier habits than that guy once did.
    Keep up the healthy choices 😊

  23. Watch the Full Episode of Joe Cross on London Real for FREE only at

  24. Just saw the original documentary. Going to start my 10-14 day veggie juice tomorrow.
    I liked veggie juice already anyway. so let's see what happens 😊

  25. I am really thinking about doing a 28 day fast. Im wondering if therevare any helpful tips i should follow before?

  26. If you think about it, actually everything we eat is dead. 😀 That cucumber you put in the juicer is plucked and has been off it's "life" for some time, same as all other vegetables and fruit.

  27. Oh please!, just eat anything that looks good in moderation. Be sure to consume at least an ounce of whisky every day as well. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. Then call me in the morning!

  28. I've been doing some research on Water only Fast, how it cleanse and Detox the body. I might start with that and end with juice, organic vegetables

  29. No shit …you don't think we know we're fuckin hugely disgusting……anyone who fuckin juices will lose weight for 3 months you fuck!

  30. I watched his movie about 10 tmes or more and I started juicing for over a year almost every day. It's time to go back to juicing.

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