Junger Unihockeyspieler leidet an Fersensporn

Junger Unihockeyspieler leidet an Fersensporn

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Tobias Sturzenegger is
passionate about floorball. Floorball means
everything to me. I spend all of my time outside of school
playing floorball. It’s what I do with all of my free time. He trains with his teammates
in Stäfa, Switzerland, and plays in various matches
with other boys in his age group. In spite of his love
for the sport, he suddenly stopped enjoying
being so active. I got a heel spur
about six months ago. At first, my mum
gave me some soothing creams after the matches,
but none of it helped. His mother still vividly remembers
this difficult time. Whenever Tobias would
play floorball, he would feel severe pain in his feet,
especially in his heels. We tried out a few insoles,
but that didn’t work either. Rita Sturzenegger was at a loss until one day when
Tobias tried on one of her shoes. I put on my mum’s kyBoot shoes
just for fun. Then I wore the shoes at a match
and it became a lot better. The pain subsided
and went away completely after some time. The floorball player still
wears kyBoot shoes regularly. Whenever he knows that
an important match is coming up, he starts wearing the kyBoot shoes
two or three days earlier. This way, he can make sure
that he won’t have any problems with his heels. Moreover, it’s fun
to wear the kyBoot shoes. When you stay
standing for a long time, for example, it stops your feet from
heating up. It feels really great,
like walking on clouds. Tobias Sturzenegger is glad
that he can fully concentrate on floorball again
without suffering from pain
any longer.

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