Kamri’s Soccer Road Trip & Summer Fun | Behind The Braids Ep.5

Kamri’s Soccer Road Trip & Summer Fun | Behind The Braids Ep.5

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100 thoughts on “Kamri’s Soccer Road Trip & Summer Fun | Behind The Braids Ep.5”

  1. mindy please can you please post mpre behind the braids because i love it and i always have to wait super long until the next vlog when you have free time please vlog and edit it and then post it doesnt matter if its not daily ?

  2. I feel like in every intro Bailey talks the whole time and Brooklyn stands there and looks pretty like this if you agree

  3. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whomever believes in him shall have eternal life" John 3:16

  4. Please please PLEASE show more soccer, I'm a huge soccer fan and love playing, it would mean a lot I mean..A LOT! Thank you so much.?

  5. Who else is watching in 2017 and saw the movie kidnap and got a little freaked out because the child got kid napped at a park

  6. So sorry Kamri that sucks I haven’t played soccer for three weeks because of the snow ugh ❤️ U

  7. So….. I'm almost exactly 3 years late, but that's ok. You'll be happy to know you exceeded your goal of 60k likes by 4k so far… Kamri handled that rain out just the same as she would today- just rolled with it, no fuss, no pouting. Your whole family amazes me! ??????? Always so positive.

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