Kids React to Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling

Kids React to Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling

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(children) Kids react to viral videos! This episode: Top Soccer Shootout! (sportscaster #1) Welcome back
to our coverage of– Soccer? Oh, I watched this with my dad. – Ugh.
– (sportscaster #2) If you’re just joining us, we have witnessed
an unbelievably well fought– Sports. (sportscaster #2) It’s come down
to a penalty kick. Oh, penalty kicks.
I love penalty kicks. (sportscasters go crazy) Yay, spectacular! (sportscaster #1) The burden
rests on Yale’s Scott Stirling. Here he comes. – Nerves of steel, that man.
– He’s handsome. (sportscaster #1) Johnson places the ball
on the spot, getting ready. Here he goes! Winding up for the shot,
and–(groaning) Oh, that must’ve hurt! (sportscaster #1) It hit Stirling
directly to the face. It hit him in the head. (sportscaster #1) A bit shaken,
but not stirred. – (laughter)
– James Bond’s reference always good. (sportscaster #1) He approaches the ball
with some determination. – Here he comes! Oh!
– That was horrible! (sportscaster #2) Back now
to Scott Stirling, ready for round two. (sportscaster #1)
And Shaw takes a moment. Here he goes, with the approach– (sportscasters groan) This guy is literally getting beaten up! (sportscaster #2) And it strikes him,
straight in the schnoz. What is a “schnoz”? (sportscaster #2) …Instant replay.
Oh, every excruciating detail captured in HD. (sportscaster #2) Wonderful saves
and two definite concussions. (sportscaster #1) They may
replace him at this point. Did he die? (sportscaster #2)
Yale now with their third PK– Is this real? I feel like this isn’t real. (sportscaster #2) Here it comes! – (sportscasters groan)
– Oh, he blocked with his head. (sportscaster #2) Oh, very anti-climatic. (sportscaster #1) Let’s see who
they got to replace Scott. – (sportscaster #2) Scott Stirling!
– Scott Stirling! Again? It’s gonna hit him, isn’t it? (sportscaster #1)
He’s taking a very old tactic now. (sportscaster #2) Seems to be
curling up to protect his face. (sportscaster #1) Still waiting
for the kick to happen. He’s probably wondering when– – (laughter)
– (both sportscasters groan) What the heck?! He looks back and it hits
him in the face again! (sportscaster #1) That man’s nose
must be absolutely devastated! So funny! (sportscaster #1) He’s gonna look like
a witch that blew her broom into her nose, and then
crashed into a hammer! (sportscaster #2) I hardly
even care about this attempt. Let’s go back to Scott Stirling! Oh my god! – (both sportscasters) It’s the legend!
– Yuck. (sportscaster #1) Perfect blocks by
Stirling and his catlike face reflexes! Oh my gosh, did he pass out? They should take him out of the game! Someone get an ambulance. (sportscaster #2) No, wait!
They brought him a chair! (sportscaster #1)
Oh, a bold move by the manager! They brought him a chair! (sportscaster #1) There is no
possible way that North Carolina can mess up this shot! – (sportscasters groan)
– Oh my god! No! Boom! Are they aiming for his face? (sportscaster #1) If Yale makes
this final shot, it’s all over. – But, nooooo!
– May god have mercy on your soul. (sportscaster #1) He missed it, which
means we’re going to Scott Stirling! Oh, this is so great. (sportscaster #2)
His face is like a brick wall! – (sportscaster #1) A brick wall…
– I feel so bad. – ..that cries a lot.
– (sportscaster #2) But where’s Stirling? Where is he? Oh! (sportscaster #1) He seems to be
crawling away from the goal! He looks like a walker. (sportscaster #1)
He’s throwing away the match! (laughter) (sportscasters go crazy) – (sportscaster #2) I can’t believe it!
– I feel so bad for that guy. Poor him. (sportscaster #1)
As his teammates carry him off – on the stretcher of glory–
– The stretcher of glory. Now let’s go to the hospital! (sportscaster #2) Scott Stirling
and his face of steel have won it all. Yay! They won. That’s still disgusting
’cause I hate seeing blood. Aww, Scott. You can’t go wrong with Scott Stirling. That is probably one of the most
favorite videos I’ve ever watched. (children) Question time! – (Finebros) Did you like the video?
– Yes. Yes. Yes, it was pretty funny. I loved that so much!
That was perfect. Best video ever. No, I felt really bad for him. The guy’s getting hurt
and I feel so bad for him. (Finebros) What kept
happening to the goalie? Bam, right in the kisser. (groaning) He kept getting hit
in the face with a soccer ball. No matter what they did,
they hit him in the face. Even when he was not defending
the goal whatsoever, he just got hit in the face. (Finebros) Was it okay that his teammates
kept making him go back out? No! No. Sure, he seemed fine with it. He was brave enough to keep going. He’s Scott Stirling!
He can do whatever he wants. From the turn out of the game, yes. ‘Cause they won! (Finebros) What did you think
of the announcers of this match? They were a little intense, honestly. The announcers were hilarious. I’d have them announce anything. That’s what made it. It wouldn’t be the same video
without them yelling in the background. I don’t know which ones
were gonna go crazier, the fans or the commentators. (Finebros) Is this real footage
from a real game? Yes. I think it’s real. It can’t be. Please tell me it’s not. I don’t think so. No. No, it is not. I think it’s fake, actually. (Finebros) How do you know it’s not real? Because if it was a real game
I would assume they would pull the goalie out. Why would soccer players treat
their teammates like that? Who brings a chair
after they’re almost dead? The guy who was dragging
the goalie off the field, he was wearing a really big mustache. (Finebros) It actually isn’t real. I’m sort of disappointed now. No! Why, internet?! – (Finebros) So what sport was this?
– Soccer. Soccer. Soccer. Soccer or football. Soccer.
And football. Foot “bull”, foot “bull”. (Finebros) So in the United States,
we call it “soccer”, but in a lot of other places,
they call it a different name. – Do you know what that is?
– No. No. Football? Football. Football. Football. (Finebros) Yes, how do you
know about that? Because I have a friend
that plays a lot of soccer and he calls it football. Because we’re the only people
that call it soccer. My sister likes British stuff. One Direction fanfiction, obviously. (Finebros) They play soccer in fanfic?! They play football in fanfic. (Finebros) They actually call it football. They do? That makes more sense
than football throwing! That should be called Throw Ball. (Finebros) So anyway, back to the video,
we ask this a lot because so many videos that show someone getting hurt
becomes so popular because people think it is so funny. Why do people sometimes laugh
when people get hurt? They’re dumb. ‘Cause you don’t expect it. Because it’s not them being hurt. Recording violence is so funny. That’s my humor right there. This one was funny
because it kept on happening over and over and over again,
at the exact same place. People just like laughing. They don’t really care what they’re
laughing at as long as they’re laughing. (Finebros) Some people don’t think
this video is funny because even though it’s fake,
it’s not funny to laugh at someone being seriously hurt. What do you think of people
who take it that seriously? I think they need to lighten up. Some people are so uptight these days. Come on! It’s a skit, for crying out loud.
They should be laughing. They’re right, I mean,
it is kind of cruel, but it’s hilariously funny. Some of the people who said that
probably laughed at this a little bit.
You have to laughed a little bit at least. (Finebros) So, finally, if this was real
and Scott Stirling the goalie won this game, but was hit in the face
over and over and over again, what would you say to him
after a performance like this? I would say, “Are you okay?” Good job!
You stuck in there. You are the real MVP. You’re internally bleeding right now,
but it’s okay… ’cause you’ve achieved greatness. I’m gonna pay for all your doctor bills. I’m gonna get you the fastest surgery
I can and everything, so that way you can be able to survive
for the next game! Come on, dude!
We won! Fist bump? Okay, you’re not moving, but… (imitates punching) Thanks for watching
another episode of Kids React. We’ll be back real soon,
so make sure to subscribe. Check out the React Channel
where there’s new shows every single week. Goodbye, everyone!
Scott Stirling for the win!

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  1. This is scary. At least I can block all these with my tails. You humans need to rely on your hands, legs, face, and all that.

  2. We watched this during the last days of senior Economics. My Econ teacher is the soccer coach and he died laughing.

  3. Sooooooo glad that studio c is so popular. And i am glad that more non-mormons are watching it sense it is on byutv

  4. ??? Guys, this is not a viral video, its a comedy sketch that has been on national television for quite some time now…

  5. I call it football.
    But i could careless what its called, its not like its a different sport or different rules…..
    Its the same game being played.

  6. The girl in the vid has a point the SOCCER that you americans call it is FOOTBALL becouse of foot-ball.The sport that you call football is not football

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