100 thoughts on “KSI VS LOGAN PAUL BOXING MATCH!!! (Fighting On The Undercard)”

  1. You quality bro .krack me up ?? first time wat you noobtuber ? check out my first few post bro ? i subriced anyway will be watching ? shure your give a good show ???

  2. I think Joe Weller will smash you I'm not selling Joe Weller is very good boxer yeah he did Lost to KSI but I think Joe Weller can beat you

  3. Nothing is comfort yes it is ksi bro just admit that you suck and you are scared you and your brother are scared you are not a real fighter

  4. So this is what modern society looks like crazy fools thinking that they're tough by talking on social media

    I mean old school will be like you walk into a pub beat crap out someone then walk out with no care in the world

    And no one would even know what happened

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