Leagueability: Ep 4 – The big game

Leagueability: Ep 4 – The big game

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It’s the last training session before
this fledgling physical disability rugby league team play their first big game. And already one of the key players is injured. In Sunday’s squad, Dale Cameron is down
as the team’s lock. The lock, I guess they lead the forwards. They’re
amongst everything. They stay on the field whole game. That’s why I like it. It’s a demanding position for a player
who recently fractured his hip. And now his new leg brace is also causing him
pain. I just had to start wearing it without it being fitted properly. It’s like having hard plastic just rub up against the ankle bones all day. And under your feet, like, under your foot. The palm of your foot. I can’t not play. Been waiting for this for too long. I’m not throwing it away for anything Alright, socks, shorts… Finally, after months of training, today the Titans physical disability team get to play their first real game. My position is number two, so that
means I’m winger. They’re probably expecting me probably to run quick and make a breakaway. At least want to get one try. One try and I’ll be good. So I’m gonna be very overwhelmed. So it’s gonna be like ahhhh… Sorry I’m just … yeah. Crying. Crying. We’ll all be crying. He’s living for it, I’m telling you, he can’t wait. Johnno Everson lives in a group home but his game plan for today is a sleepover with his big sister. Kylie is helping him manage his epilepsy and
anxiety on what could be a stressful day for Johnno. So sometimes you’ll get quite anxious about and frustrated about knowing what’s going on. Anything really. So how are you feeling about the big game, buddy? Good. Are you excited? Yeah. And what are you going to do if someone tackles you? I think he’s looking forward to singing
the song. The Gold Coast Titans physical disability team’s first clash will be the curtain-raiser to the grand final at the Lismore Aboriginal Knock
Out. To be included in the Aboriginal Knock Out when we’re not all Aboriginal is
absolutely fantastic. Renee Cohen from the Gold Coast Titans, and
former NRL superstar Dean Widders, have turned up to support the team. And out of all the teams here today we’re going to have the most fun, alright? I’m so proud of everything each and every one of you have achieved and what everyone’s done to get
you guys to this point. That’s comfortable? Is that pushing too
far? No. It’s minutes to kick-off and our team
warm up with their three able-bodied players who are on the field to keep the
game on the move. It’s a bit of an exhibition so people
can see what the guys with disabilities are doing. Some of the boys have got leg
problems. The competition is the squad of local old boys, rugby league veterans keen to see what the Titans are made of. It’s gonna be good to see the boys
get out there and finally have their game, you know? Everyone’s gonna finally see, what all this training’s all year has been doing. Their dreams have finally come true. It takes less than a minute for the team
to show their form. Dale pushes through the pain from his
new leg brace to score the first try ever for his team. It meant a lot seeing
all the brothers come down and and then high-five, give me a hug, tell me that they love me and all that stuff. It’s a good feeling. It’s a really good
feeling. With the ball in the Titan’s half, Liam
gets his chance to show what he’s made of. I didn’t even notice how quick I was running. I just
got the ball and started sprinting. I was like get the ball, run,
don’t slow down. I didn’t want to get the shirt dirty so I didn’t dive. The next Titan to make his dream come
true is Anno. His first hit’s going to be be massive, I
reckon. You’re not to use the shoulder, Anthony. Are you gonna run through the gap? Yes. You want to tackle, don’t you? He wants to
tackle and he’s dying to do a big leap and try. I think, for Warrior, the world’s opened up for him. To see him out there…sorry… It’s just going to lift him, you know? It really will. I mean, these boys have
never scored tries before, they’ve never run on and played rugby league
before. But to score a try, that’s something they’ll never forget. It’s amazing, it brought a tear to my eye. So much hard work and so much training.
They just deserved every second of that. It’s incredible. What did you think Anno? Yeah! Yeah! ♫ I know who and what I am, I’m a mighty Titan’s man ♫ ♫ We play hard and we play fast, ain’t no way we’re coming last. ♫ More confident in yourself? Yeah? Made a lot more friends too. And friends that he can relate to. He’s balanced better, his running is
better. Everything’s improved. More. Maybe do a whole season, like a whole 25 rounds, like doing proper NRL. That would probably be my ultimate dream. Everyone else gets to be a part of a team, now we get the opportunity to do it. In the end, it’s not about winning or losing or scoring tries, it’s about being in the game, in the brotherhood of rugby league.

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