Learn Table Tennis Backspin Serve – Part 3 – Like a Boss!

Learn Table Tennis Backspin Serve – Part 3 – Like a Boss!

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Welcome to part 3 of the backspin and no spin
serve series. The key to getting the swing right is getting
your elbow in a good starting position and to hold it there for the entire swing. A great way to learn the elbow position for
the swing is to grab type of pole and use it in this way. This method is a little unconventional however
it will leave you in no doubt about how far back your elbow should be when doing the serve. So once you’ve locked your elbow back in position,
take some time to get a feel for the correct swing by swinging at an imaginary ball. I don’t recommend actually trying to serve
with the pole locked in position as it is very difficult to get the toss correct and
to time the ball. Shadow swinging is more than enough to put
you on the right track here. This is how the swing will look from different
angles. As you can see, this pole restricts my ability
to use my upper arm and shoulder and will force me to use my wrist and forearm and get
a great balance of spin and accuracy. Relax you grip for maximum whip! Now it’s time to learn the different contact
points for serving backspin and no spin. When trying to get backspin on your table
tennis serve, aim to contact the ball on this part of your rackets. You need to be skimming the ball as much as
possible with a small sharp whip action. You can even try contacting the ball further
away from the handle here as this part of the racket tends to move faster however its
harder to execute and this option is unnecessary in my opinion. I advise sticking to the front part of the
blade. As you’ll be brushing the ball fine, there
shouldn’t be much sound doing this serve. When attempting the no spin serve, aim to
contact the ball on this part of your racket. That’s right, just below your thumb. This part of the racket isn’t moving very
fast so it’s difficult to get backspin. The action is again short and sharp however
you shouldn’t be trying to skim the ball as much. Just let the ball roll off as you try to imitate
the action of your backspin serve. Make sure you still use your wrist and forearm. There will be a different sound when serving
the no spin serve and hopefully your opponent doesn’t pick up on it. Common Mistakes. 1. Using the shoulder. Using the shoulder
is undesirable as it reduces spin and makes your serve less accurate. 2. Following through. When you don’t stop
shortly after the point of contact you will give your opponent valuable information about
what spin is on the ball and you will start to bring the shoulder into play once again. 3. Trying too hard. When you tense up and
try for too much backspin, your serve becomes obvious to your opponent and difficult for
you to control. to control.

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  1. Hello Brett I need help on a service is the backhand serve I am trying to do like dimitry ovcharov but I can get it like him need more spin speed and I have problem to recover from de backhand serve plz help

  2. What about the toss? How should you toss the ball. Looks like you are tossing it a little backwards, away from the table. Not straight up and down. Also, how much should you rotate your torso? Thanks!

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