LEARN to SWIM & FLOAT for BEGINNERS (easy tutorial)


Hey Leo, how are you today? Today we do a little video for the beginners they don’t know how to swim at all and it’s
the first lesson for them so when you are beginner there is no need to go where it’s scary for you for example where you don’t feel comfortable or when
it’s too deep okay so let’s practice here this is the pool where we can touch the ground and very simple step one to learn how to swim is to be able to control your breathing and to blow your bubbles blowing your bubbles under
water with your eyes under the water can you put your googles on your eyes okay so when you blow your bubbles you make sure then the water doesn’t go in your mouth and doesn’t go in your nose okay so take a big breath and you blow bubbles
five-second underwater looking underwater with your eyes. You can look at your feet if you want. I will count with you in my fingers in the water.
one two three four five excellent go up after you finish your bubbles take a
big breath and repeat. show me Step one, once you are able to control your breathing take a big breath and blow five-second bubbles in the water looking
with your eyes on the water and repeat this non-stop let’s say if you can do it
ten times and don’t stop that is good you just achieve the step one
There are three steps to learn how to swim though one done step number two you need to
learn how to fly or learn how to float so basically in the water right your body is not sinking
You are floating You will sink only if you fight, if you
stress, if you move too much okay but if you relax completely your
body most probably will float so to feel how to fly it’s
very simple just need to keep your hands on the front slightly open like this
imagine you’re like a bird or like an airplane so you can open your arms like
this okay I will help you to feel it you do a big breath and you let your body
move forward you feel your feet will go original behind you and your legs will
float don’t jump just from the standing position try to glide forward and feel
you just gonna fly to me okay take a big breath
look down and let go and then one two three four five stop okay so basically
right you can practice this near to a wall you start on your feet here
you look in the water blow your bubbles and push slowly with your legs to glide
forward. Show me how you do breathe look down bubbles and fly okay can you show me one
more time you from the wall to me after your bubbles you can stop and look at
the ground and come back one more time you breathe and you come there you go easy so to practice this exercise if
it’s the first time you never did this remember you need first to blow your
bubbles five second underwater even if you touch the ground and to feel the fly
don’t jump just feel you float by letting your body float basically you
just let your body fly so show me how you start you look down look down first
then push very slowly on your feet to glide forward alright we do it one more time. look down first then push very slowly on your feet to glide forward okay show me how you do
you look down first and then push very slowly there you go! all right you see you don’t need to move
you don’t need to you can do it with your hands on the front you can open
your arms on the side like an airplane show me you the airplane style like a
bird open your hands open like an airplane there you go and look down in
come here okay push on your feet to start one more time
let’s go so airplane again and look down and push
on the wall here we go Perfect! Hello Mr. Edgar, how are you? We are doing a little tutorial for beginners
okay so Leo now you did the airplane right so the last portion to learn how
to swim actually now you can blow your bubbles be relaxed five seconds you can
float five seconds while you do your bubbles right so after bubbles then you
need to breathe because you need some air to continue swimming so that’s the moment when the step three comes you need to kick with your legs
on the surface to stay horizontal and you need to pull in the water with your hands like a tiger to breathe up with your head at that moment by pulling the water over your hands then you will raise up so you’re here, you fly five seconds then after this, pull with your hands like a tiger breath and look down and fly again so
basically you are doing five second bubbles, flying, kick with your legs
non-stop on the surface of the water you splash the water behind you and you pull like a tiger – can you show me? Leo: When do I pull like a tiger? After your bubbles, after the five second. For the bubbles you can count in your head one two three four five. Okay? Let’s goso when you do your Tiger you’re supposed to breathe in and then go back bubbles again
don’t stay with your heads up the point the idea is to breathe and to go back in
the water and you do if you have to do a big tiger what you did is very small
movements I want big movementsokay good don’t do a double Tiger,
both hands don’t move at the same time what you did is a double with both hands at the same time so it’s double put like this no you alternate, left right left right
okay it’s easier so you have more consistency
on your pulling okay? The tiger doesn’t pull together one by one
All right let’s go five second bubbles then tiger one two three four five, paddle, paddle, bubbles Paddle, paddle,
bubbles, excellent! Paddle, paddle, bubbles Paddle, paddle, bubbles and stop. Cool that’s very good!
Leo: Thank you! so you do your five second bubbles then
you do your tiger to breathe up and then you go back underwater and go again five
second bubbles. During all the time your legs kick on the surface and you
keep your body horizontal You go slowly, you don’t panic and everything is fine. Try again so one two three four five tiger pulling
the water. one two three four five Breath with your hands
and bubblesWow it’s pretty cool! How are you feeling? Leo: Its good to learn the basics! Okay that’s very
important remember you need to be comfortable and relaxed to build your
confidence never panic if sometimes you forgot to blow your bubbles then it’s
okay take a breath repeat the movement and blow more
bubbles at the next moment okay you have to continue so when you can do
this for ten meters if you’re very relaxed you can do this for one
kilometers doesn’t matter the speed which it’s not about learning how to swim
fast is learning how to be relaxed and to be water safe okay the safety is the
more important okay when you feel completely safe when you feel like no
stress at all then is the moment you can learn the other strokes for more
techniques and nor speeds all right remember how to swim like a tiger all
right bye bye

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