Les Arbitres/ Kill The Referee

Les Arbitres/ Kill The Referee

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Karagounis, Karagounis ! Don’t make signal!
Don’t make signal! Excuse me. “Sorry” you say. Stop it, Karagounis.
Don’t make signal! ‘Cause I’ll show a yellow card.
Stop it already. Yellow, yellow. Mathias, before a yellow card,
are you sure 200%? At 100%. Bravo. Karagounis, Karagounis ! Let’s continue to play.
Play, play, play, play on… – Change or not?
– Yes! Shit! It’s a big storm in the city. Patrick told me.
It’s a big storm in the city. So maybe
it will come here. I do not understand,
what the fuck you are talking … It’s raining in the city, a big rain,
so maybe could come here. In a few moments,
because now it is … It’s not my problem.
Shut up! OK, but just to be prepared.
Because of your … Concentrate, concentrate,
Ivan, please, please. Do not talk for nothing. This is not the time
for fucked end. Ivan, tell me! Come on! – 10 …
– Yes, talk, talk! … 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1.
End. We are not Gods.
We make mistakes. – How are we.
– Yes, we make mistakes, I know, yeah. Yeah, sure,
we make also mistakes. I’m sorry.
I’m not God. We make also mistakes. Yeah, sure, I’m sorry,
I’m very sorry. Uff, finished!
Finished! That’s was good!
That’s was good, or? Yes, well done. You aren’t singing? Ah, no. I am whistling.
I am just whistling. A new blue jersey was good? Have we to prepare a little
theatre for you, or? Good evening everyone. It was very important to takes
the best referees of Europe. I don’t interfere
into the refereeing, never! I trust the committee,
I trust the comission. I trust the people
were a charged as referees. I interfere in the refereeing,
but not the referees. Never! It’s clear message of UEFA: We need you. We want you,
you make your best job. Thank you. Good luck to everybody.
It was a pleasure to speak to you. It is my first time I speak to
in front of so many of the referees. I never had a red card.
And not tonight. Cheers !!! Mr. President! – How are you?
– Good, thank you. – And how are you?
– Very good, thank you. On the field, when you played, you have
never remonstrated with the referee. It was something … Once I insulted one in Tokyo,
when he disallowed my goal. You wouldn’t believe how I insulted him.
You couldn’t imagine. These insults, the worst ones
I know, are in German. He disallowed
the best goal of my life! For an offside.
What a goal! He was … My neck was bulging. There were two referees.
One was Wurtz and second was Konrath. Wurtz, you could talk to him for 45 minutes,
and he wouldn’t say anything! And Konrath, you would say:
“Mr. Konrath!” he would give immediately yellow card! I was 18 and I couldn’t
ever say a word to Konrath. But I could always say to Wurtz:
“What are you doing?” “Are you stupid or what?
you so and …” Make them respect you! If a young player
flies to you: yellow card! He will not to do it again.
He will not to do. You have to do everything
to gain respect. I raise my hand.
You see me? Howard, you haven’t seen
Mum and Dad for 9 days. They had to change
from the last time. They became Elton John. Yes, nice try. Hey, Mum. Are you okay? A beautiful day,
isn’t it? – How are you son?
– Yes, good to see you. Good to see you,
all right son? – I’m fine. You are looking well!
– Yeah. Hey, guess what this says. Tell us this evening begins
the Euro 2008 for Howard Webb, the policeman. I’m the working man. And when I walk
the street with Howard. And when people come up
and ask him to sign autographs. And I think to myself, my son! They ask my son
for the autographs. And I find it’s
a very emotionally. At the beginning you
dreamed about it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When I first started,
he was in the tribune, anybody would said anything,
he announced: “It’s my boy!
You cannot say this!” I’m very fortunate, because
since I was a young boy of 20 I’ve been involved in
football refereeing. That’s my life. And that’s my hobby. And too my son takes on the same hobby
as father is for me fantastic! Fantastic! And yes, I’ll love it to death. I’ll love it to death. I just hope that
everything will be OK. – Yeah, yeah.
– I’m hoping … I’ve every confidence in them,
I really have, you know. Yeah … They do it
so well in England. So I’ve, you know,
every confidence. Yeah, I hope so … It’s here. It’s unusual,
but the shirt is different. Come on, boy.
Go, go, go. Damn, look at this! – Corner. – Free kick.
– Corner. Thanks, guys. No problem. – This is not to punish?
– Yeah. – I’ve shouted from here for it.
– Yeah. Great, well played boys. Damn! I’m not sure
that is a valid goal. Aufhauser, the goal was from offside, I’ve seen.
He was on the same line with the goalkeeper. My son Sean, my oldest son, has just sent Joanne
one SMS from England, and he said that goal
should been disallowed. That is a offside. But, I haven’t seen on the TV, but … That will be interesting. – Everything OK, son?
– Yeah. – Man, that was offside.
– What? – I guess it was offside.
– Did you? He stood
before the goalkeeper. From my position
it didn’t look as. But I have seen on the large screen
and got it noticed. It was close, it was close. Unfortunately I did not raise a flag.
I prefer to avoid it, you see. – Offside?
– I don’t know. – Sure?
– I don’t know. – It was repeated.
– To me, it’s impossible. I don’t know. As you know, tell me. Do you think that yellow?
He dive or not? Not. It’s not my fault
if he let himself fall. – This didn’t result in a touch
of fall, correct? – Yeah. I think he was looking for
the penalty, right? Yeah. – We don’t give them,
like in England. – No. – But why didn’t give them for diving?
I don’t know. – Yeah. Foul! Two minutes left.
Come on, boys. Howard, Howard.
Stop it, stop it, stop it. – OK, which two were?
– 18 and 6, a yellow card. 18 and 6. For me just a reprimand.
They have only spoken, or? Take care with all the linger.
Stop with linger. Don’t drag on for shirts. OK, I stay tuned. Since’s go again. – Penalty.
– Penalty. Stand clear. Everything is clear. Stand clear. If you don’t stop,
I’ll give you a yellow card. Please. Oh, no? Which number please? White 6th. The phone call
from England. – Yes, there was a penalty.
– Brilliant. Yes! Good news. No one is pulling any shirt! There was nothing! Nothing! Fucking disgrace! English referee! Fucking disgrace! – You see our problem?
– “English referee!” This is only
their frustration. When they see on TV that
there was a clear penalty… “English referee!” I have to be honest, Howard. Your performance tonight
was OK. The match was full under control. And it’s always a pity … And I know, I know it’s always a pity
that you can’t do anything for it, but… The most important situation
of the match was the first goal. That’s terrible for the tournament. And I cannot ignore
the pictures shown by television, to everybody all over
the whole world saw. Overall, it was OK.
There were no major problems. The match was full under control
during 90 minutes, no problems at all. It’s only a pity
that these things happens. But that’s our life,
guys, that’s our life. Sometimes we are the winners,
sometimes we are the losers. We’re not losers today,
but … I cannot ignore it. And the second point:
The penalty was very, very … There will be a lot of
discussions about it. Tomorrow afternoon in 13:30. I think we’ll have six or seven clips.
So then we will see, yeah, OK ? So cheers again! Cheers for being in the team. Thank you guys.
Thanks for your help. Rejoice the evening, because … Enjoy the evening, because
the nobody can change it. It happens and OK you can… You have to enjoy the evening. Yes? A worse things are everywhere,
every day in the world. You take
so much decision? – Of course.
– I’ve never know. Month for month,
week for week, we’re under lots of pressures
we perform a top level and… in the biggest stadiums,
without problems. You know, so … – Well done, well done buddy.
– Well, not sure … – Well done. Why not?
– Offside. Hi, son. – You are OK?
– How you can see. You were a tremendous, tremendous.
Good game. Like a singing. From the beginning till the end. – It was a wonderful playgame.
– Open to the end. One of the best in the tournament. Super son, you are happy? Yes, I got a message
from home as well so. That’s so much easier. Good. Is colleague OK? – Yeah.
– Good luck. You are a little worried, buddy? We know there come so… There is offside, so… – What’s the result?
– It’s offside. It’s OK? It’s OK? No, come here. It’s not OK. Come here.
Them both out. – Both?
– Both out. Out, both out, both! Come on, you and you – out! Come on! It’s OK.
Come on. Please. Out! – Wait, wait. – Out, out! The most important is the match,
not the coaches, OK? It’s not the right
for a professional, OK? It’s not the professional
this way to behave you. It’s not professional, OK? So, please. I have to work.
For me it’s not important. The most important is the pitch,
not a coaches, OK? Thank you. Mejuto could have run up closer
to the incident, to speak to them, because he took
a decision from a distance. And I think, if we say that we are
working together – coaches and referees, he could have to go to both
of them and maybe at that time they would have
already shaked hand to each other and then Mejuto could have said: “OK, now I don’t want to see you
for the next 10 minutes, and at half-time I would like
regain to discuss with you.” He took
a straight decision and … Do you ready? For a long, two-hours briefing? No? It will be coffee? If you’ve been on a correct position,
you will all got the decision right, that you realized during a halftime
that this happened. Did you realized? Because, I didn’t see,
but it was on a big screen. – I didn’t see on a big screen.
– Howard, you did? Did you know
that was on big screen? I saw on a big screen
twice. If I may give you any advice:
“Don’t look at the big screen”. Because, you can’t change it. All you can do is a faith of mind,
by looking at a big screen. – That’s right.
– Before the replay, Mike… That’s the first time you’ve seen it? A first time I’ve seen it. Is there anything
you immediately noticed? Yes, I stayed rooted to the corner flag.
I have no idea why. You are completely planted at corner, you moved to corner flag,
followed the movements of players. No, there were not.
There were not a movement players. That’s just a… – That’s just a blackout.
– The blackout you’ve had. I just … Without a seen, I’m amazed
what I see. In terms of… This player is
the second last defender. Goalkeeper is
on the goal line. OK? So he is
the second last defender. Here. – But you’re on the goal line.
– Yeah. And no time you make reback. We’ll go to minute 91th boys. That’s the penalty situation.
And then we… Thank you for giving this decision. It’s very important for the tournament.
Very important message. The message went across
before the tournament. We showed these situations to
all the teams. And it’s their problem,
if they didn’t learn. It’s a good coffee? – Better than mine?
– No comparison. Like the one, I was telling you about. Like the machine
that you wanted? Exactly.
The only thing is … It has really good taste.
The only thing is … – It is a bit weak?
– No, it is perfect. It’s better than coffee
served in bars. Only,
it is not boiling hot. It is hot, but
I like my coffee boiling hot. – We will need …
– To adjust. Yes. To adjust. Come here, come here! Come to see Daddy. Look, honey, look – Daddy!
Look! Send him a kiss. Cutie. Did you see? Can we eat here? Yes, yes. Rosetti, white, white,
white, white … White, Roberto,
Roberto, white! It’s OK. We did
what we had to do. Okay. Okay. Okay. Delicious. – The blue shirts are good?
– Better than before. The ones before were blue also. – Foul, foul!
– Yellow, yellow … Bravo, bravo. He’s showing a card. – Bravo!
– Bravo Daddy! – What is Paolo doing?
– He is the linesman. What does it mean? He’s doing the same as Griselli.
He controls the line. He controls offsides. When the ball goes
out of playground, and corners. He helps your dad,
who cannot see everything. He needs two linesmen
to help him. To catch infractions
he cannot see. – He is already exhausted.
– What a face he is making! – That’s something!
– What concentration! He was like this … Did you see this? And after that,
he gave an evil eye. I’ve never seen him like this.
Their faces look strange on TV. Look at him.
Must they act this way? You pushed.
You are the champion… No, no. Let’s go, Let’s go.
There is no time. – Yeah?
– Yes. Not 22! Who made the foul? A defenseman, on the other side. Who made the foul? I didn’t see it.
I lost sight of it. Who did that? Who did that? Who, Paolo? What number? I didn’t see it, damn it.
I lost sight of it. Offside! Are you sure? Except if it was a back-pass. I don’t understand. From here, it looked
as a offside. What are they saying?
I don’t understand anything. There is always something, must have
happened in the last minutes. We’ll see. What’s happening there? Foul, foul, foul, foul, foul! It’s clear. Absolutely clear. Five seconds. Whistle, whistle! Good luck in the match. What? I didn’t understand. You wanted to say “Good luck!”? But the game is already over. Let’s go. – Bravo.
– Thank you. You were a great
fourth official. Thanks. If my wife see this a scene,
it’s a problem. Let’s go back to the good
italian refereeing. Especially Calcagno, the second assistant Rosetti
was good. Let’s comment on the pictures and we’ll start
with the famous Mario who is so nice. Here we go … the disallowed
goal from Charisteas. The move starts far back.
Here we see the connection with Gekas. It was border-line. Really border-line.
A few millimeters. – He is Superman.
– Yes. His has lynx eyes. Lynx eyes! Watch him put on his deodorant. Who knows… this evening… It’s inhumane. The offside? This is normal that an assistant
makes a mistake. At 6 or 7 a difficult decisions,
one mistake is the norm. I agree. If an assistant saw all,
he would be number 10. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Then he would be not
an assistant, but champion. He would see, but
he would never feel offended. It’s difficult,
but I know all that. It was easier
when you played. It’s a question of age:
it is easier when one is 25. At 52, it is the policy
that is easier. Goodbye. Thank you. Hold on.
And forget about it. Did you see? Did you hear about death threats
sent to Howard Webb? Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. By Polish supporters. Yes, yes.
On the Internet. By Polish supporters. Yes, yes. And the photos? Yes, yes. Photos of Hitler and Webb. We live in this world. That’s no matter how,
that’s no matter what I say. – Not him.
– And so, never. That what we see, doesn’t matter. What’s important are
the allegations they make. Where are we going, Mr. Cornu? Yeah, they are crazy. More and more and more crazy. This is terrible. It’s terrible really. Yeah, it’s terrible. That’s it. My God! Yellow, yellow. It is OK? – Yes it’s a goal. – I’m ready. Stop, stop, stop. – Hey, come on.
– Excellent, yellow, yellow. This is OK. I’m ready! Wait, we have a problem. My flag is broken. Is it OK? Yes, wait a second. Not good, that is broken, OK? Put you there. Thank you. Gregory, what do you think?
Three or four? Four minutes, four minutes. OK, perfect. But wait, wait, wait.
Don’t tell them. Goal! Goal! Not withdraw, Peter.
Don’t be withdrawn. Fuck it!
What are you doing man? Free kick, free kick,
free kick, free kick! They are throwing bottles here Peter. – Okay. – Come here. Peter, come here, come here. You sit down! Dude in the
white shirt is back. He keeps his shirt
in his right hand. That’s him. Come, come. – Warning for Baros?
– Yellow card. Ten. No bottles nor outpouring on the field,
we will do that later. Wau, what a game! Come. Good job. You probably know
that Howard after the match Austria – Poland … And considered the decision. The correct penalty decision
in the very last minute. After this match, it’s created
a reaction in Poland. Reaction from supporters, and even reactions from a politicians. I heard from a Prime Minister
who said crazy things that a … If he knew a referee … he would be ready to… even eventually to kill him, I think. So for your information,
we will have special security in Salzburg. Howard is a policeman. So he knows that had
some security measures at home, for his family. So, the situation is critical. – Yes, please.
– I am from Poland. So well, I will be a bit offenced. So how do you feel to be
a public enemy number 1, right now? Because our Prime Minister said, I mean, I’m sure he was a kind of joking, but… he said
that he wanted to kill you. I know things are said
in heat of the moment, people don’t necessarily mean. Football, of course, is a passioned. I’m sure that … this was just said in that way. These things, as you said,
are developed to be symboled. How does it affect your family? They are fine, fully supported,
they’ll be at home. You gave the penalty, because
you saw him. But, if it
would be just totally clear penalty, it wouldn’t be talking about it
right now, it wouldn’t be talking about… You are the only one that is talking about it
and say it was not clear, ha? Because, I’m the only one from Poland,
so maybe I’ll finish my question and… So, if it was that clear,
it wouldn’t be talking about this, to support from UEFA, from FA, etc. So this is how I see it. Support is not referenced by
that decision. No, it’s not. UEFA do not consider that it
seems to be controversial. So it is not. It is in relation to the
tournament as a whole. And you know … the time
go off this decision, created disappointment
in Polish peoples eyes. Of course, we understand that. Thank you very much. We started to see who are
a referees who will go home. We are also thinking of the
appointment for the quarterfinals. But we prefer to wait
the results of tonight. So, a referees will be
informed tomorrow morning. I’ll call you as well for
the first two quarter-finals. And then, on the 19th, We will appoint a referees for
a next two quarter-finals, and inform the four trios, who will go home. Yeah, but … Yeah. We were disappointed of the standard of some
assistant referees, honestly speaking. Can I have look down on the playground? They checked the dressing room
to make sure it’s OK. It’s a joke, yeah. Not so funny, but yeah …
is it possible to take … commit check of the pitch and leave
our bags there, is that OK? – OK, perfect.
– To ensure safety? Tell Marcus that we’re going
to check the pitch. OK? We will leave
our bags on the corridor, if it’s OK. It’s OK. – We all belive now, it’s …
– It’s all clear? – It’s all clear.
– They removed the bombs? And cyanide, anthrax? We’ll start then, OK? We’re not on the sheet. Michael will be absolutely
terrified tonight. And so it will be
a very, very mistake. And the last thing, you wanna do,
it’s make another mistake. And he will absolutely … His heart will beat in his chest. Ready. Okay, okay. Well done, well done …
successful refereeing. Get the ball, Mike. Take it.
Thank you. – It is fault, my friend …
– No. Free kick, Howard?
Oh, no! No yellow card. – For you, my friend.
– No, mate. – Billy, how we are?
– How are you, Ian? – All right, mate?
– All right, buddy. “Go away!”, he says, “Go away!” Now! Yeah! “Get it in!”,
look he says … What is it? Watch his head. Look at that.
That’s, huh! It’s Xabi Alonso, OK?
Get move them. You, hey, hey, hey. Come here. No, seriously, relax. Calm down! It’s nothing personal.
Nothing personal. I will call the doctor
as needed. Calm down, please. Relax. It was an accident Xabi.
So, tell him. It was an accident. Good luck
to you, my friend. Bravo, Xabi. Bravo, Xabi. Wait, please, wait. It is a minute yet.
Just one more minute. Come on, my friend.
I’ll talk with you. I speak to you.
It’s an accident. He did not see you.
Calm down, OK? It was not intended. Two minutes, but still keep
fingers crossed. Last time we had a penalty
at the 92nd minute. – Don’t say that.
– I’am not only breathe. Come on, Howard, blow the whistle. Two minutes yet. Please, two minutes. After now
or two minutes from 90th? Two minutes from now. – Two minutes from now?
– Three minutes extend. Oh, God! Continue playing. – For pulling the shirt?
– Yeah. Okay. Six meters. As soon as the after this kick
ball there flies, will be end. Open your eyes boys! And enjoy! This is the fucking EURO 2008! We were at the fucking EURO 2008. Already. Howard, already. So done Mr. Webb, well done.
Did well … May God bless him. See what’s a commentators say. Did he right did, Dad? – We’re all relieved?
– We’re relieved, yeah. We are all deep relieved.
We are all deep relieved. Bravo, bravo. – Thank you.
– Thanks again. Well done, Mike, well done! Enjoy the moments tonight.
Well done, pal, well done. I’m really delighted. Good luck, then. – I wish you the best.
– Yes, cheers. – Have a good season.
– Thank you. The same. Your son, my only son is gone
to European Championship, to represent England! It’s terrible
to be so treated. I am a tough guy.
I am 1.80 meters and 110 pounds. And the tears coming down my eyes, because I’m worried for Silvia. She was hysterical on the phone,
absolutely hysterical. I was out
when my wife… A Polish people knockin’ on
my door. My wife was upstairs,
knockin’ on the window, a chap accross home came.
She was terrified! And the guys didn’t go away, did they? They came
around and around … We’ve a police going arround,
a there hours. Every hour. You think then,
because what’s happened, Billy, Howard will hate refeering? – No. No. – I hope not. Because, he has a bottle in neck. He is a police sergeant. This is the most surrender
thing that’s happened. – Not really.
– Of course it is. Not for Howard,
just for his family. And for Howard. Yes, but if somebody stood
a knife to thee throat? Yeah, but this is the worst thing … I think this is the worst thing
that happened for him. – Do you?
– Aha, definitely. Back home again. Courage … So main import …
Courage. And expect the unexpected. That’s important.
Everything can happens. And we will be focused at 100%. But one of the main point is: Have fun. It’s just a football match:
11 against 11. We don’t care
about EURO already. It is a football match. We will have a beer after the game. – And beer should taste …
– So good. Ready for success. – Offside.
– Look, look, look. Behind the goal. Behind the goal. Look, look, look.
There is. – Buffon.
– There is. No offside from Holland. Two minutes in the offside,
my friend said. No, asshole … 10,10,10,10,10,10,10… – Mamma mia!
– Go sleeping? Good night, Roberto,
good night. Good sleep Roberto. Today is not my day, it is
not my day. We are having a referees trios,
who are leaving a tournament. I’m asking the trio to come
all together. From the Netherlands: Peter Vink,
Adriaan Inia and Hans Ten Hoove. From Norway: Tom Henning Ovrebo,
Geir Age Holen and Erik Raestad. Howard Webb, Darren Cann and
Mike Mullarkey. Howard, it’s a big
experience for you. – Yeah, fantastic.
– See you soon. Thanks for your support. Thank you very much.
See you again. So, you’re definitely
coming home? I’d like just say how proud we are
of you, son. And chill out. Have a few beers. And take it you all in and stick it
chest out. Yeah,
we are chill out now, relax … Did you see? One error
and you’re out. Those that left … It is a little bit of, something … But it’s not just for errors. At the end they have to
take a decision. Take also into consideration
the participating teams, matches … There is some of that also. This is a bit ugly
situation, because … And we all deserve to reach
the final. In a tournament like this, we should all be able
to reach the final. Quique, Quique, Quique! Let’s share. Thanks. Come on. I have to go. It depends, you know,
what will make my national team. Spain is here, and we have
important match against Italy. So I have to wait until …
what’s happened with my country. Depending of what they
will do. I have to … I will have more or less possibilities. He should have a flag.
He needs one. Why do you say:
“Forza Italia”? Forza Italia! I hope
they will reach the final. So that Quique can win, of course. – And what, Quique will not do it?
– Oh no, Quique should not be there! And why should Quique referee?
For people to say: “You have sold out!” I’d liked that Spain wins. I’am not
interested into anything else. I don’t care.
I only want that Spain wins. – Why?
– Therefore. Because, I don’t care whether
it Quique referees or the other. I hope he will referee well. Nuts to you.
You are not a Spaniard! You want Quique to referee. That’s OK. But don’t tell me that you want
Spain to lose. In that case, everything is OK. Should be at the time now. That depends of the privileged
cleareance with the baggage like … You know what I mean? And they may will do …
you know what I mean? ‘Cause he’s a celebrity at all.
You know what I mean? – I don’t know, but a …
– But I do. – I can’t say that. I cannot!
– Of course you can. I cannot, you know?
I can’t say that. – Hello, father.
– You’re all right, son? Good to see you. – Hello, mate. How are you doing?
– Hello, David. – You are OK?
– Yeah, brilliant. – Nice to see you.
– Good to see you. I thought there were no more
Howard Webb in England. Another, but in Rotherham. Yeah, crazy. “Rotherham Borough Engineering
Council lighting engineer, Mr. Webb, who is preparing
to retire, has paid the penalty, but a having
the same name, as a controversial
EURO 2008 referee”. “He suffered abuse from
Polish fans”. “Received so many messages
at his work, that the authority was forced
to suspend his E-mail account”. He said:
“I’ve never been a referee.” “And I have no lazity become one.” “Especially, this is the sort
of abuse they have received.” I hold as a treasure that. They can bury me in this when… They can bury me in this. It’s only about 50 those existances.
Only about 50. – Only about 50 those.
– It is signed as well. – Fifty?
– Yes. – Isn’t it fantastic? Thank you. Signed by the three judges. – There will be a crying in a minute.
– You’ve tears there? – Yeah. Oh, that’s fantastic. Good reference. Yes, but the match is a bit boring. – Yeah, awful. – As the World Cup 2002? Looks like. – Ooh, Casillas.
– Yeah. What a good safe. – That’s good for Rosetti.
– Yeah. Mr. Roth, they’ll win in that. No more pressure now. We are a neutral. – Yeah.
– Totally. Absolute. Yeah, it is score. – That’s it.
– It is OK. – Yes, it’s clear.
– A the best team wins. And the those, the best team for
90 minutes in a whole. The game was not so good.
So result for us was good. In the sense of refereeing. – That would clear.
– Yeah. So for the Spanish referees,
that’s clear. They have to go home. – So Italian ones, we keep them?
– Yeah. – Good morning.
– Good morning. Everything is OK? – More or less.
– No, no, no. – Everything? No.
– Everything no… Everything for you, yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck Spain. – Housekeeping?
– Housekeeping. Yeah. My last task
for this tournament, because I am leaving,
so no one can kill me. The Referee Committee
of UEFA decided, in this meeting… Let me, it’s a final of
this tournament on Sunday… The teams are … Oh, we don’t know.
I don’t see … Roberto Rosetti as a referee,
with his team, Peter Frojdfeldt as fourth official,
with his first assistant referee. That’s it. What a massacre. You’re going to break me! Well, well. Now it’s
easy, it’s cool. You have a conference
at 16.00 o’clock? Maybe we’ll talk
a little before. Next tournament, you are the referee,
and maybe Roberto fourth official. Not for the EURO. That was
my last opportunity. I finish a career. So, this is a hard, because
it’s my last moment. And when I didn’t make the
semifinal in Champions final, I thought: OK. In the EURO
I will have my opportunity. Because, perhaps, they don’t
give me an appointment, to not create the problems with
the teams that have to go home. And I thought: OK. They didn’t give me the
appointments for quarter-finals, because they trust
in my work and.. – I understand it’s not very clear
in your mind, dearest. – Yeah. Be positive. Of course, we wanted to continue,
but it’s already an another story. Eller. Don’t be stubborn. One more week. We will be there for the
semi-finals and final. We will not referee, but
we will still be involved. Let me tell you
a little anecdote about our stay in Finland. When we were training
for the semi-finals, tempting was the possibility
to tackle one of the referees. Then they would have to
designate another fourth official or even a new referee for the final. Mejuto! Do you remember me, you
sent me… a present for me. Some present. The first match
is on Wednesday? And now match they minutes… – 3 000 minutes.
– 3 000 minutes? – Relax.
– But this is the money, yeah? I would change the money
to be in your situation. At this moment, you don’t ever think
about the money that you received. – You think only the…
– Yes, right now. – You work for this?
– Of course. – We’re happy because we are in the final.
– Of course. But on the sidelines. Bye, bye. Hello, are you well? Everything is fine. Father, are you OK? Hi, everybody.
Where are you? I’m fantastic.
Nice to see you. Yeah, you too. / In a few minutes we will
come back to the tournament. / – Although to be fair, father, I don’t know
him that well. – You don’t know them well? We spent some time with them,
and they are nice guys. And I wish them all the best
and successful game tonight. – Is there a foul?
– I don’t know. Iker Casillas is here. Yellow card for
Casillas and Ballack. Ballack, Ballack, Ballack! You, go away! Ballack! Come here. – Yellow card or not?
– Yes, yes! – Who?
– Ballack and Iker Casillas. It should show
the card in both. Good job. Well done. Perfect. – Rightly cards?
– Absolutely right. – What do you say, Howard?
– Absolutely right. The first two yellow cards of the game have gone
for two teams, and one for each team of them. Why is Casillas protesting? That doesn’t make sense. The goalkeepers were warned: Any running to the referee and
protesting, will result in a card. If the goalkeeper goes out of his box
to protest, he gets a card. He ran 30 meters
to protest. And why? Offside! Offside!
He touched it! And the head hit at the end? I’m telling you that he touched
him, Roberto. I’m telling you. But he didn’t really strike him. He made a move with his head
and touched him, but … That’s enough. Stay in the box!
Enough! There are too many of them.
I don’t understand. I don’t see anything.
It’s too chaotic. Damn, how many are there?
7 and 8 are in the offside. Bravo. OK. Perfect.
Bravo Paolo. Foul, foul! Bravo, Robby, bravo!
Bravo, bravo. Roberto, resume the game
immediately. Calm them. Restart the game right away. The ball! The ball! What a good game, well done! Brilliant game. Very good game and very few
is lacked to be fantastical. I see you are,
because I see you. Come on Tuesday. I’ll look
at the postcards. Shall we sing to him
“Howard Webb”? / Howard Webb’s got a big
bald head in the country / All together again! / Howard Webb’s got a big
bald head in the country / See you soon. See you later. Cool. – We can play football
tomorrow, if you want. – OK. – Or on Tuesday. We will play
on Tuesday, yeah? – Yeah. – On the field, yeah?
– Yeah. Is it hunger? Congratulations, my friends! Great. Super.
Very good. Great. Congratulations! OK. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. Jaap, OK? Yes? Of course, OK.
Of course, OK. Everybody is OK, because Hugh
Dallas sent me a SMS, Bo Karlsson, everybody,
Joseph Marko, everything’s OK! – No talk about refereeing.
– No? No. Great. Ten days later Howard, as we know,
had two excellent games and won the love and affection
of the Polish nations. Video refereeing should not
have a place in a game, in my view. If only for one
philosophical reason. The players have no technological assistance
when they go out play the game. And we accept,
we don’t like, but we accept that
they will make mistakes. Referees and assistant referees
should also go out, with no technological assistance,
and make mistakes. And we must to
educate football to accept that referees
will make mistakes. Thank you. Representing all
England referees so magnificently, in the Euro 2008 tournament: assistant referee Darren Cann and referee Howard Webb. Thank you, David.
Thank you very much. Mr. Collina from the
UEFA Referees Committee. It is my honour. You have a lovely cravat.
It’s fantastic! Yes, I will throw it
right now after this. How very embarrassing! All you need to hold,
is this little stick, because you are all
in control of this stick. Come a little bit closer.
Come a little closer. He will not bite.
That’s it. Now, we’ll sing like
we have never sung before. Here we go:
“You’ll Never Walk Alone”. With all strength! / When you walk / / through the storm / / hold your head / / high above. / / And don’t be afraid / / of the dark. / / At the end / / of the storm / / it’s a golden sky. / / And the sweet silver song / / of the lark. / / Walk / / through the wind / / walk / / through the rain. / / Though your dreams / / will be tossed / / and blown. / / Continue walk / Author: Goldfinger

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  1. wow first of all im turkish and i can easily say that we are the supporters who can judge referees without hesitating but in this film i see that they do a very tough job and i think we should put ourselves in their place as emphaty.

    also i felt so sad for howard webb .on the pitch and tv he seems so aggressive and i had bad feelings about him but i felt really sad after watching these and its a really terrible thing for them to take death threats.they also have to consider their family.its really terrible.i now will be more soft before criticising referees.

    and last, why the fuck karagounis behave like a junkie all the time?it seems he always wants to make referee's job harder :D(and TÜRKİYE SİKER GENÇLER)

  2. it's kind of reassuring that english lino seemed gutted he got it wrong. We forget they are just humans do you know what more stuff like this might help the officials instead of the strange omerta policy on ref's if they came out and say "i got it wrong i am sorry" most people would be happy with that. Great upload.

  3. Still topical today. I can't imagine how annoying it must be to have a guy like Neymar whine at you for 90 minutes.

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