Little Ski Adventurer I VAUDE

Little Ski Adventurer I VAUDE

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Wherever I am,
I always want to go up. I don’t know why, but I always
want to see the view from up there. It draws me. In the mountain
we go through utmost adventures. This rare intensity is
hard to experience elsewhere. -And now, you clip.
-Now I clip? -Yes, Push it right.
There you go! Bringing with me novices, to introduce them
to this whole universe, makes me see
the mountain differently. I take my time. Reaching the summit
is not as important… as the path itself. And you don’t need to go far. It begins at our own doors,
behind our home. The Aravis, the Bauges… -Turn right your skis in the track! It’s getting better and better! I want to show my son that nothing can be bought here. We climb because it’s here. There are sunsets and sunrises. Dazzling starry nights… Those moments are etched
in our mind for a long time. I never look at the mountain
from a performance perspective. I am not a Ueli Steck,
or a Kílian Jornet. I am more into
sharing my experience. I like to take with me relatives. And live simple or quiet adventures. A pleasant evening together. A nice day in the mountain. No laptop, no console to bother you! – The Ballafrasse,
and the Pic du Midi. You see this big corridor… – This slope ?
– Yes, in the pass over there. As our great alpinist
Christine Janin said: “Everyone has their own Everest” When my son climbs up
mountains on ski, it’s a nice little victory for him. I am glad he made it to the top. I am glad to see him smiling. Despite the efforts. He is happy.

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