Make a Sliding Panorama for Instagram using Adobe Photoshop

Make a Sliding Panorama for Instagram using Adobe Photoshop

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28 thoughts on “Make a Sliding Panorama for Instagram using Adobe Photoshop”

  1. I've developed an app called Unsquared that actually let's you do this in a matter of seconds, directly through your phone. You should definitely check it out 😉

  2. Great Video ! If you are looking to a quick way to crop your panoramas, take a look at Panoragram for iOS, it will automatically crop panoramas for you (will take less than 1 min to post a panorama on instagram). Test it, it's worth it.

  3. I did everything exactly like you did but between my Images there is a slight difference in exposure after uploading to instagram… so the panorama doesn't look like one picture while swiping… what did I do wrong?

  4. What's the best aspect ratio of an image to start with? I'm losing too much of the top and bottom image in an 4:5 (8×10) image in a 2:1 crop. Thanks!

  5. Excellent video!! I've seen this technique on Instagram for a while and no one wants to share how to do it! I appreciate it a lot!

  6. Thank you so much, Mr.David, for this tutorial. It was super easy to understand and yeah, it worked 🙂 I have tried so many other channels as well. They were either complex to understand or easy but never worked. Good that I did not give up and kept searching. I'll tag you in my Instagram post to show the seamless outcome that I have got, learning the techniques from you 🙂 Thank you very much once again! I've been wanting to do this fpr so long and finally did it with your help 🙂

  7. Great tutorial. just one issue. When uploading to IG it makes the photo very choppy and not as HD as shown on photoshop. please help

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