Māori rugby league teams receive traditional Aboriginal welcome

Māori rugby league teams receive traditional Aboriginal welcome

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The NZ Maori teams are officially
in camp in Melbourne ahead of the inaugural clash against the Australian Indigenous
teams this Friday. Our reporter Te Rina Kowhai
is covering the event and I caught up with her earlier. Yes, Scotty, the teams have been in camp since
Sunday afternoon where they’ve been doing
some team bonding and acknowledging familial links
among themselves. Last night,
all four teams were welcomed with a traditional
Aboriginal smoking ceremony. I was able to speak exclusively
to the captains of both Maori All-Stars sides about this cultural experience. A traditional welcome
for the NRL league stars. The ceremony took place beside
an 800-year-old culturally significant
‘scarred tree’. The local Wurundjeri elder
wanted to ensure all four teams were given the ancient
Aboriginal smoking ceremony. The Maori All-Stars captains
say they’re honoured by the welcome. Adam Blair will lead
the men’s 20-man strong team and with only one
field training together he says it’s been surprisingly good. The 18-member women’s team
is also ready. The captains will be leading
their teams into battle. Right now the men’s team is attending
an indigenous youth summit. The aim of the summit
is to encourage tomorrow’s leaders. Following the summit, an event will be held
for all four teams and their many supporters. Thank you, Te Rina.

7 thoughts on “Māori rugby league teams receive traditional Aboriginal welcome”

  1. Maori tane team this year is strong as, should be a good 1 and i hope they show the wahine on the idiot box too, good luck to all teams should be mean as

  2. Love how our young folk have represented Te Iwi Maori with honour and dignity. Very gracious the Indigenous Australians while introducing our sport people to their cultural coustoms.

  3. Kia kaha boys u Maori all stars did a great job regardless of ur lost.
    Be proud, stand tall and hold ur heads up high 👍🏾

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