Maori will play for Fiji in Rugby World Cup

Maori will play for Fiji in Rugby World Cup

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There is only one Maori captain
in the Rugby World Cup this year, and it’s Decon Manu,
captain of Fiji’s team. We spoke to him before
his game tonight in Fiji. The mind and body are ready
for the challenge ahead. Tonight, Fiji and Tonga will
face-off in Fiji’s last game before the Rugby World Cup. Deacon Manu is the only Maori
captain in the tournament. So when World Cup time comes around will his family be cheering
for Fiji or for the All Blacks? Deacon Manu use to play
for the NZ Maori team, and he says that the team culture is
very similar to that of the Fijians. Although he is miles
away from home, Manu has some Maori support
with him in Fiji. There are two other Maori
in the Fijian team – Nicky Little, nephew of
former All Black Walter Little, and Graham Dewes. If the All Blacks play the Fijians,
we may be in for some fireworks. Heta Gardiner, Te Karere. There are many big sports events
happening over the weekend and usually we would talk sports
with Tumamao Harawira, but today we are fortunate to
have Kimo Houltham here with us. Just how much he knows,
we’ll find out. With the high prices for
the All Blacks jerseys and the campaign for abstinence
during the World Cup, is the World Cup in trouble
before it’s even begun? It is, both ideas sound crazy to me. as well as the situation with
the two Webb Allis Cups and the allegations of a fake. They are taking the focus off rugby and putting it on
these inane schemes. Yes. That advertising
always concerned me. All Blacks vs the Springboks –
who will win? No doubt, it will be the All Blacks.
They’ll Slaughter the Springboks. – But neither McCaw or
Carter will be there. But that’s what’s so good about
the current All Black’s side – there are so many good
players to choose from. Colin Slade’s a strong player. I think the big question is who
will be chosen from the team to play for the cup. There’s Israel Dagg, and I think his competition
is Toeava for his position. There’s also Guilford, Hosea Gear,
Cory Jane, Sivivatu. I have found that Piri Weepu
and Andy Ellis are on the bench so I’m not sure why they are both
in the game? What’s the goal. Graham Henry has said that
he is testing his players so he can be sure of who
is ready for the RUGBY WORLD CUP and who should be left out. Let’s talk league
before the time runs out. The Warriors vs the Panthers – if the Warriors win their place
in the NRL semis will be secured, but do they have a
chance in the semis because usually they make it to the
semis and then they are defeated? I think that the plan that the Warriors have been
following is a good one because six weeks ago, they played
very badly but in that time they have won five out of six games. So at the moment, they are strong, but this is Petro’s final game
before he returns to the Panthers so no doubt they will play hard for
him. It’s going to be a good game. – So you’re backing All Blacks
and the Warriors to win? Yes. – My bet’s on South Africa
and the Panthers. $5 bet?
– You bet. Thank you. Easy money. It will be
like taking candy from a baby. Kimo Houltham, thank you
for your time. He’s a pro touch player –
so some say.

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