Marcus The Wheelchair Boxer

Marcus The Wheelchair Boxer

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I did modelling,
I did deejaying and I was six foot three and a bit. I was very complacent before. You know what I mean? And when I had my accident,
it made me want to do more. He’s got none of that
core stability,
but because he’s sort of not
allowed people to tell him what
he can and can’t do he manages
to find a way to do it.
His training regime is ridiculous. Monday – boxing,
Tuesday – in the gym, Wednesday – boxing and gym again, Thursday – rest, Friday – gym, Saturday and Sunday – my kids. Whatever the weather, I’m out there. You can. You try it. ‘And the kids that we’ve got coming
down, there are a lot of them, ‘they’ve not had that
attention from people, ‘especially from adult males
who actually care about them.’ He’s such a character
down there as well.
People love him because he’s
motivating and he’s inspirational.
That is my journey right now, is to make people be inspired. Beat it! Cos I’ve gone through what
I’ve gone through…’s made me a different person. And I’m still learning,
I’ve got a long way to go, but I guarantee you that my journey
will be an awesome journey. And I will be known as Marcus
the wheelchair boxer.

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  1. what is your injury level? I've worked hard in therapy on my balance, im a t-10 complete. I bet you could do the same. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Posted on my birthday, ironic…I've wanted a paraplegic sparring partner for so long, too bad we're not in the same time zone even.  I'm a bit smaller than Marcus, 5'10" 130 lbs but that's okay we can still have a go at it 😉

  3. Very, very inspiring Marcus! My wife had a car accident in 2008 and stayed a year in a wheelchair. It inspired me to learn and teach applied Tai Chi and Qi Gong for people in a wheelchair. Some of my students also have such an amazing will….keep going!!

  4. I got shot 7 years ago left me in a wheelchair..I could still move my legs but Im always in pain I wish I had some meds that lasted hurts after 30minutes of sitting down my legs get swollen so I try n hurry n do what I have to do so I can go home n put my legs had 11 surgeries n I'm blessed to be here..I be hitting my reflex bag at home Im going to start up loading because I workout too…I bet I could wheelie longer then anyone else in a wheelchair

  5. Brilliant to see time being taken to produce a quality video to share your story. It is inspiring Marcus. Great work!!!
    You may also like to read this.

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