MARIE DANS TA BOITE : Interview rugby

MARIE DANS TA BOITE : Interview rugby

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Hi! Today I find myself
on the Marcoussis site. Why are you throwing that at me? Well, to start rugby training while you explain
what a customer advisor is. Yes, I know, look. I’ve already started training,
I’m training right now, it’s just… it’s just that… let me warm up, will you! OK Marie, our job is to support clients
in their projects. We’re gonna score the try! The try, yes! And you are a real expert,
we are counting on you! You’re our prop, we need you! You need to roll up your sleeves now. OK. But the thing is I don’t have sleeves,
I just put on a T-shirt this morning, and I left like that, so… It’s gonna be tough. Are you ready? Yes, of course. Are you not feeling, I’ve been smelling something
for a moment now, it smells like sports, doesn’t it? Those are the team’s training bibs. Oh, right! Well, that sounds promi… By the way, we were just thinking that
if your challenge fails, you will have to clean them all. Yep. That’s not a joke. I’m gonna make it, I can’t even begin to understand
why you are having second thoughts. Come on, let’s go! Here we go! Being a customer advisor,
what is it about? It’s someone that… advises. That’s right,
but it’s also an expertise profession. What qualities does a customer advisor have? The qualities,
I would say he needs to have a nice breath… True, that’s important,
but it is also about people, being responsive and in touch. By the way, who are our clients? Well, it’s you, me
everybody is our client, we have lots of clients. Exactly. Listen Marie,
you have made a lot of progress, I’m really proud of you. Our clients are individuals,
professionals and companies, so it can range
from startups to large groups. That’s what I said,
word-for-word. Come on Marie! Next exercise. Take the ball, Marie! So Marie, what are the benefits
of working at Société Générale? Hum… team spirit, for one. That’s right. And? And… digitisation. Digitisation and innovation, those are the core of our strategy
to support our clients in the best way. And also, every advisor
will be able to receive training, build his or her training course
and evolve. Yes, just like me,
I keep evolving here, it’s going crazy fast. Come on Marie! Let’s get back to it! Again? Go, on the field! But I keep evolving ! Go on, pass! Last step, Marie. Tell me:
How do you feel useful in this job ? We can finance many projects Absolutely right. An apartment, for example. By the way, I’d like to buy,
we need to talk. Yes, it can fund
a real estate acquisition or the creation of a business. Startups,
that’s what I was going to say. That’s right. We contribute to job creation, social changes
and also to the development of the economy. Come on,
let’s practice tackles now Marie. Marie, I’ll see you at the debrief. Well, maybe not. Listen ladies,
nobody is going to get tackled, it’s going to be all right. She needs to put
some work into her footing, because she’s a bit off right now. And that evolving job idea, knowing that once
you work for Société Générale, you can easily evolve. You are aware that
I’m standing right here, aren’t you? Sorry Marie,
we know you have given it you all, but… you know what to do? What? Oh! No, but wait,
there must be some dry-cleaning here… No. A washing machine? I’ll just put it in the ma… hand-wash? I need to…? That’s right.

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