Master wong challenge any boxers


Next question is I’ve heard instructors say that wing chun would be very ineffective against a very good boxer Would you be willing to challenge any of those instructors who say? Wing Chun is ineffective against a good boxer would you be willing to challenge any of those instructors in like a 1 on 1 to show them that their theory is incorrect To answer the question there, it’s quite important to understand in a moment of their life This is the problem. The problem a lot of time coming in soon coming in You made a move and control and I mentioned before not all wing chun create ego You’re not wrong there if you come with people doing wing chun that not up to the standard and then the person Using a boxer a good boxer of course you’re gonna pass them up and eat them alive Now one thing you need to remember one basic thing the boxing guys wear glove, okay in the street they got no glove. This is why using a wing chun, the movement We’re gonna use a lot more better to able to come in to control so the work you need to understand in this person if you do that show your big quick one that when you come in I would (attack), and will [attack] soon here. I will deal with him without the lines of the hand So the idea of it is a basic movement learning to understand But you wanna moving around with a glove on then it’s easier for you to hit because don’t get broken easy But in the street broken on straight away, if you come in couple right? I control the line because I need to defend my head Do you are you asking me that do I want to prove that wrong why I want to prove anything? What are there to be prove anyway? It’s like America. If you don’t want to fuck around with me I can go around your country. I’m Gonna pawn the living daylights of you So they can work with us No! what is what is all about same thing or effing and religion You have your own theory we have our own theory you keep yourself to yourself. We keep ourselves to ourselves We’d gonna be so happy nobody asking you to watch me [if] you go problem close your fucking eye. So you got no problem Why you open your eye like this and see this? Oh? Yeah? I hate him because he fucking ugly I hate him because he black I hate him because he’s shallow I hate him because why I gotta beat him up This is a popular people fucking sick in there mind there. You understand me We don’t I did hit to show, move, my movement. I got nothing to get anyone and you asking a question about Dude, they’re challenging one-on-one. What is there to be challenged about what is there to need the challenge about? Huh? Is there they come and take my foot away from my home? Is they’re coming to try to kill my family know if that happening? It’s not challenging. It’s become something else It’s become angry it becomes something else to turn up to become evil to come in. You’re dead or me good dead or alive. We not challenging. We’re not a fucking kid from school Let’s go and play my dad is bit better than you. [you’re] dad it better than me I could rip your fucking ass because my dad got a longer one, and you’re dad got a smaller one you dumbass It’s not going to work like that and this wall here So you are understanding you need to be grow up people fucking grow up into your head if you go popping wood thing Sort this out, I don’t have problem with him. I show the moment you don’t want Joe to Washington I didn’t it’s a answer the question for you

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