MEN’S SOCCER: Duke Highlights

MEN’S SOCCER: Duke Highlights

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[MUSIC PLAYING] That’s in low. Skips up. Kessler tries to
get a head on it. Still alive. Opportunity. Kessler shoots
it, and it’s going to ricochet in off the post! Joe Bell picks it off, and
this could be an opportunity. Dike in front. What’s the decision from Bell. Reverse pass to Crofts. Crofts on his left side,
and it gets through Pulisic! Oh, Will Pulisic’s
going to want that back. Crofts makes him pay. Quick turnover and counter. UVA up 2-0 on the road. This is clearly a
step up in class, in terms of teams they’ve
played this year– as Dike works, and just shrugs off Nus. Still Dike, 1-on-4. Still, he’s dancing around. Spins it off. He might have a chance. He lays it off for Patton. Oh, Daryl Dike just
put it on a platter! Patton, you can celebrate, but
go give a pound to number 9.

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