73 thoughts on “Moment Skis: The biggest little ski company”

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  3. Great company – great skis. Can't recommend highly enough. I have 188 Moment PB&Js as an everyday ski and 190 Moment Bibby Pros – couldn't be happier. But also want a pair of their Deathwish and their new Commander 108.

  4. I have watched Moment Skis grow from a concept to the amazing inspiration they are today. Truly the American Dream at work. Congrats boys, well deserved.

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  11. Best skis in the world by a margin. I work in a ski shop and we don't stock Moments unfortunately. However I ski only Moments, got the Deathwish, Tahoe 96 and just bought some new Wildcats.
    Im lucky enough to Demo a lot of different ski and ski brands, and in my humble opinion, Moment has everyone covered no questions.

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