Muay Thai Boxing Moves : The Muay Thai Knee Strike

Muay Thai Boxing Moves : The Muay Thai Knee Strike

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Hello this is Ric O’Kane on behalf of
in this clip I’m going to be using Shawn Yacoubian professional top 10 fighter to demonstrate
for the knee strike. If you like to learn more about Muay Thai you can visit
Okay Shawn is going to demonstrate the straight knee you get up on your toes, spread as much
extension as possible. Notice that he is covering his face with his arms protecting his face
to get more leverage, he pull down to the left from the left knee and pulls down to
the right to the right knee getting up on the toes. The straight knee side angle, notice
up on his toes getting as much extension as possible and the side knee, bringing the hips
out striking more with the inside surface of the knee.

42 thoughts on “Muay Thai Boxing Moves : The Muay Thai Knee Strike”

  1. Someone told me on u tube that getting hit by a knee strick in this martial art is like being hit by a car at 30mph. Is it?

  2. No, YOU are wrong. One should certainly be on the toes when delivering a knee. Most Muay Thai foot techniques are on the toes.

  3. only when your holding a person in the thai clinch like Melchor did on fight science. its not really by itself. and if you wanna go by fight science, bas rutten's roundkick crushed that record

  4. I agree…being flat footed on the side knees will result in a loss of power and obvious danger to the standing leg for strikes. Also when throwing a front or spring knee the same hand as striking knee should go forward to release the energy in the body through the strike, not the opposite which causes the body to twist and restrict the dynamic force generated by the twist of the hips in the first place.

  5. i find it hard to do a knee strike on my toes. what should i do? i think pivoting on the ball of your supporting foot fits me better. any advice on how i can improve knee strikes on my toes?

  6. For starters try walking around on your toes.Then try doing short turns while on your toes.After that you should be good to go.

  7. is this really right?

    my muay thai instructor is from thailand and he's been learning it since he was 12 and he tells me the knees must be slightly sideways when u knee someone.
    but this guy does it straight up…

  8. @wowspare Everybody can TELL something but its different thing is it totally true. I think u dont train this "straight up" knee ever? Its different than the "sideway" knee

  9. Straight knee comes straight up your own middle to protect the crown jewls. The hand movment were a little strange. I was taught different.

  10. @Mrcoolguy96
    actualy it's more like being in a car that crashes at 30mph, check out all the fightscience vids of nat geo

  11. @Mrcoolguy96 Can't confirm that, as I have never been hit by a car doing ANY kinds of speed, but it definately hurts. lots

  12. @Mrcoolguy96 uh im a muay thai fighter, getting hit by the muay thai knee isnt as drastic as a car, but none the less, if you were to get a knee delivered to the head it could knock you out, break a nose, shater teath, break a jaw, and delivered to the ribs it can break those as well, its a very powerful move.

  13. @Mrcoolguy96 no cuz most of these people are still alive lol whereas most of the people hit by the car are probably dead or mortally wounded. and yes i know im a year late with that answer

  14. @Mrcoolguy96 yes. fight science they proved the most deadliest martial art movie was the muay thai knee because 1 the clinch pulls the body downward to the knee as the knee goes forward and 2 the knee is like a hammer.

  15. @Mrcoolguy96 sum guy does it in fight sciene on a dummy designed for crashes 30 mph and it broke the dummy i think or at leat i think it does? watch it and tell me lol

  16. @videogamespoofer yes but it hurts like hell lol i much prefer to take them on the knee (hurts the other guy more but is harder to get right) or the bottom of my leg (more of there power gets through but it hurts me lees than a shin clash

  17. @Mrcoolguy96
    Indeed, the knee is the most powerful force off an human body…
    Then the good old kick, followed by an elbow and then, believer or not, the punch.

  18. @Mrcoolguy96 being hit with a knee is the same force as being hit with a sledge hammer and that is true i dont think a car at 30mph for most but i suppose it could get to that point lol

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