Muay Thai Boxing Moves : Using Muay Thai Pads with Front & Round Kicks

Muay Thai Boxing Moves : Using Muay Thai Pads with Front & Round Kicks

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Hello this is Ric O’Kane on behalf of
we are going to demonstrate now the use of the Thai pads combining the round kick and
the front kick. I have Shawn Yacoubian a professional fighter who is going to demonstrate the techniques
for me now. Okay take a fighting stance what I’m working on is I’m representing another
fighter holding the pads so he is going to be able to use me as he is striking another
fighter. Okay you use the round kick and as I go to kick him he stops me with the front
kick. Give it a step, give it a step. Now he uses the right leg.

26 thoughts on “Muay Thai Boxing Moves : Using Muay Thai Pads with Front & Round Kicks”

  1. I like the way he throws the font round kick, altough his oponent could easily counter him with his arms like that every time

  2. i think after the kick as the pad holder comes in at you. you should use the knee, rather then the push kick. it would use a better range. he was unable to extend the push kick to the full extent therefore losing power. where as the knee would have been perfect power..

  3. When you use a left push kick you ought taking your left arm forward to prevent the oppenent countering, At this video you see the space that is created for a leg sweep or a high/lowkick

  4. he doesn't have a good left kick at all. flat footed, tense, not fluid or flexible. This guy needs to relax and get coached by a decent thai coach. Not some crappy guy who thinks expert village are a good crowd to hang with.

  5. Dude time to strap yourself to the bed and come down what ever the fuck drugs you are on. Cant even string a coherent sentence together ya drug fucked simpleton.

  6. pro fighter huh! yah im sure in the usa he is! I box with guys who have only been training 6 months and their better than he is!

  7. when he roundhouse kicks it looks like hes kicking straight up i thought your suppose too turn your hip and land the kick horizontal?can someone please explain

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