Mundial de Rugby y los ingleses | Club Media Sports

Mundial de Rugby y los ingleses | Club Media Sports

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Welcome, to a new Club Media Sports edition. On tonight’s show, a special edition on… …the World Rugby Cup. Rugby!… The World Cup! Do you like rugby, Ornella? Love it! Do you want to play? Yes, yes! This is a ball. A rugby ball. Do you want to play catch? Go get it! Go get it! Here I found some balls… Let me see those balls. Oh, no. That’s not it. So sorry, Sir. This report is brought to you… …by our friends at William Lawsons. We are pleased to introduce… …our friend, Edwin McOrni. How are you doing? Mr. Edwin McOrni… …is a Rugby expert. We are going to be taking a close look at the English rugby team, which will be playing our dear friends on the other side of the river: the Uruguayan team. Edwin, welcome to Club Media Sports. Thank you. I love your show. I am so happy to be here. We are going to be dealing with a very interesting issue: The English Rugby Team. Fabian, I have prepared a report on both teams. I thought it would be interesting to share my conclusions with everyone at Club Media Sports, and see what we should be expecting. Excellent, Edwin. Club Media Sports goes international. This time, for real. I’m not kidding. Check for subtitles. Somewhere down there. Right there! Let’s take a look at the report well-built Edwin has prepared for us. My dear friend, Fabian, are you familiar with the Expectations vs Reality? Of course. We (youtubers) kinda make a living by doing such stuff… I know you people on this side of the globe are very passionate fans. And I would like to show you what kind of fans our Uruguayan friends will be facing, when playing England. English think they are so special… …for having created rugby, and those Six Nations shows… “Oh, indeed we invented rugby” Wow, wow, Edwin, chill. Edwin McOrni presents Expectations vs. Reality Fans / Expectations vs. Reality That’s passion! You see? Passion. To feel sports… to breath sports. That’s the way it should be!! Now, my dear friend Fabian, would you like to meet English fans? Do you expect the same kind of passion? There you have them. Look at those cold-blooded fellows. Fabian, can you believe those guys? They have tea on the stadium! Tea! On the stadium! A fine example for our Uruguayan friends. They are well-behaved. That’s my humble opinion. Are you English? No, I am not. What’s your last name? What the ***!! You s** of a b**!!! You betrayed me! And you English… You better watch out!! Everyone’s going to kick your ***?! You boring bas****! We rule! So, once again, thank your for tuning Club Media Sports. We’ll see next time. Once, Ornella finds the ball. Here it is! I found it! Give me back that f*** ball! Oh, so sorry, Sir! She’s such a silly ***… Uruguayans should follow that example perhaps…

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