My MS Story

My MS Story

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Hi, My name is Tim and I am telling my story in the hope you will help support those living with MS dollars living within minutes what’s known in the eighties at that
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4 thoughts on “My MS Story”

  1. hi tim, you are truly inspirational and i hope i can help you achieve what you want in life. great mini doco. by the way, i found the last video if you want it. chat soon.

  2. Hey Tim, love what you do mate. Definitely worth supporting, doing what I can to help create a better awareness and understanding of MS – My motto is, Never stop trying to find a better way.

  3. Hey mate! I've watched a lot of your videos, but somehow missed this earlier one. I love your confidence and courage, as you really put it out there in this video. Great message and super inspirational. Hang in there!

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