NEVER GIVE UP – Best Motivational Video 2017

NEVER GIVE UP – Best Motivational Video 2017

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This it kind of hard to understand but sometimes you can try so hard at something, sometimes you can be so… so prepared and still fail and when every time you fail it’s painful and causes sadness. And especially as I saw last night, it causes disappointment. I’ve often said a man’s character is not judged after he celebrates a victory but about what he does when his back is against the wall. So no matter how great the setback, how severe the failure, you never give up. You never give up. You pick yourself up, you brush yourself off, you push forward, you move on. Everybody here, everyone thats watching, I won’t be stopped! I can’t be stopped! You’re either committed or you aren’t. You’re either willing to do everything it takes whatever that might be or you aren’t. You either are willing to go through hell and high water and fire and fucking brimstone to get to your goals or you aren’t. And that’s why you’ll never be what you wanna be. That’s why you’ll never have what you want to have. That’s why you will never accomplish it, well, you are all over the place. Success guys is a very very lonely road, man. Along that road you’re not going to see too many friends. You’re going to see your shadow most often. You gotta trust in the heart of hearts. Decide what you’re doing, what you believe in, is it a worthy cause and win every fight. I wish I could tell you you’re tired, go take a break. I wish I could tell you you’re tired, rest for a year. I wish I could tell you that that it’s going to get easier. I wish I could tell you it’s going to get easier. I wish I could tell you that if you just keep going and it’s going to get lighter but the wait, the wait is gonna get lighter. I wish I could tell you, you get to the point where enough is enough when you get to the point where it hurts real bad, when you get to the point when it’s over, when they’re tired, when they’re frustrated, when they’re ready to give up, when they spent their last dime that’s when they get started but what you cannot do is you cannot quit doing the process you cannot give up because it ain’t what you see you cannot give up. Work on yourself, work on your focus, you cannot stop you gotta work. The problem with you is you see difficult as something negative I want you to see difficult differently. Are you hearing me? I need you to push through that stuff. Push through it. You can get through it. The more you go through the more difficult it is, the more challenging it is, listen to me, the harder it is. Are you hearing me? The more challenging it is all you doing baby is building muscles. In life you’re either going to a store, in a store, or you coming out. It’s a part of life there’s no way around it so just be careful not to allow the trials and the tribulations to consume you. I don’t care if you a billionaire I don’t care if you a CEO of one of the most important companies I don’t care if you an entertainer, like I don’t care who you are. You will go to the moon we all have problems what I’m trying to tell you is this though problems are a part of life but guess what they’re not like it’s not going to be easy. There are moments when you’re going to doubt yourself. The rough times are going to come but they have not come to stay no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets you’ve got to make it your personal business to make it happen. I’ve noticed something. Deep down inside of us there lies a bright light a light that feels so dim when we’re surrounded by darkness when all we feel is hopelessness and shame and stress and this darkness seems to overpower any light that may be there and it feels like there is no hope there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Feels like our lives are just over. It’s through. But that’s not true because deep down inside there is a beautiful light there is a beautiful light that will liberate your mind that will liberate your free soul that will take you to a new level in life but by that light surrounded by that light is the darkness of your past, the shame, the regret, the guilt, the worry. Deep down inside you have to dig deep down inside of yourself and you’re going to have to look that darkness in its eyes and not look away from the darkness but rather look straight in the eyes and say I no longer need you I am no longer that darkness and so that darkness will not thrive it will not survive that darkness will die. That darkness will go away not because you forced it out but because you no longer fear the darkness you let go, you let go of the darkness. Free up space for the light and when the light gains power when the light regains its power it will overpower any darkness that may try to seep, and seek into your mind and body and life it will stride far greater than any darkness has but you must free yourself from the dark by going deep into the depths of it and understanding it. By not running your entire life from it but instead right now, today, tomorrow, soon, look it in the eyes and say I no longer fear you I have a light to live. Nothing is hopeless nothing is worthless I am powerful I am beautiful I am amazing and it’s time for me to start believing it. No longer do I want to stay in the same routine, stay in the same mindset, the same condition, mind I want to release the power of my mind I want to dive deep into the depths of the light, into the depths of inner peace into the depths of joy and happiness and the state of being not into the depths of worry and stress and depression and anxiety and shame and guilt but stay away not because I’m scared of it but because I’m free from it, because I no longer need it, because I have one life and I’m going to live it to my fullest ability. I just knew in my heart to just go, go all into this endeavor, and so I went. No questions asked and it wasn’t a picnic. The rise up is tough but it’s who you become in the process when you’re chasing this unknown, when you eliminate fears and so my offering is to really analyze what you love to do and to go chase it because making money should not be your focus. To do something that you don’t really love to make money, what is that? That’s, all that is, is a transference of stress you are taking on stress at this job that you don’t like this is stressful for you so that you have less stress when it comes to finances. So is that eliminating the stress? No. You’re transferring it from finances to eat at a little better place, to live in a little better apartment to then develop more stress while you’re at work. Does that make sense? The money will come when you’re really good at something i can guarantee it. When you really have an effect because that will create a polarizing reaction in people that they will be drawn to you and you cannot be really good at something if you don’t love what you’re doing that’s the bottom line. Chase this uncertainty where your heart is telling you to go because it knows that it will discover itself if you choose to go down this ambiguity if you choose to go unfold this mystery because you will discover what you’re really made of if you choose to go down this abyss.

81 thoughts on “NEVER GIVE UP – Best Motivational Video 2017”

  1. “Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Never give up. Tough situations build strong people in the end.” –Roy T. Bennett

    This is the first intense motivational video I've made in a while. I really appreciate all the comments/shares, thanks for watching, more to come soon! -Joel

  2. This video helped me get through my army basic training. I wasn't allowed to use a phone or computer. I watched this video when i was waiting for my plane to get to the airport. I was determined to get through basic training, or die trying. I saw myself doing things i never thought possible. I overcame my own limits. Thank you for helping me with this video. It inspired me to keep going. I will continue to keep walking forward.

  3. so crazy i was watiching deji this when i was studying and i thought i give up studying closed my book then whent to school failed test. then i watched this and i thought to my what have i done.straight away got my revision revised every day and baaaammmmmmm i succed on my 5th try i never gave up!!

  4. I cried listening to this, I have had so many disappointments and so many obstacles to overcome, from finances to a failed relationship. these videos remind me everyday to strive for better! to pick myself up and believe in myself. I hope you all have a blessed day and push thru your obstacles.

  5. Too many repetitious clips that are heard over & over… everywhere… esp. in churches… Okay but def. not "best of…"

  6. I can't believe how am I pulling myself to get my goal. last more than 7months. each day every steps done. still I have e hope believe in my self. Which I can inspire to watch this video.👍

  7. Just remember,the tough times is just a "moment"the next moment you'll be fine.A few bottles of beer and watch something funny works wonderfully !!!!!!

  8. what is the name of the speech by greg plitt? beginning at 4:41. The backround musics name i would like to know too.
    btw, great video man! thumbs up, this helped me through bad times 🙂

  9. To the person reading this comment i don't know who you are but i know one thing you are the BEST IN THE WORLD…… BELIEVE IN YOURSELF never let anyone bring you down. Don't surrender to your life,fight it , live like a CHAMPION and YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.

  10. Thank you sir for this video, i'm from Venezuela and my contry is falling a part, i have mid palsy and also i never give up. i will write my story in a book and hopefully i will make the movie.You know why because I belive that everybody have the potential to move forward and our limitations are in or minds if we let them. Thank you for sharing this video

  11. It's a bunch of actors!?! Thats it! NONE of them ever had to dig ditches, mix concrete, pound nails, etc.! Nice for some folks to motivate themselves but the best part is the ROCKY footage, 'cause he did it first! LOL!!!

  12. I do Kenpo. Black belt. I had a tournament a year and a half ago where I tore my acl. Couldn't test for my next belt, nothing. I was also going through a breakup and severe depression. I wanted to change and thought what I would be if I gave up. Thanks for this. It helped.

  13. I think about sucide and going back to old life of drugs and stuff I've been clean for 7 years because I've kicked my own ass and I work out 24/7 thx for motvational video u have really impacted my life

  14. listening to this with eyes closed, headphones on and deep breathing in and out first thing in the morning is so soreal. videos like this are a true staple of my day 🙂 #stayhungry

  15. There should really be some damn pandora to these kinda talks!!! It’d push ME for more when I’m at the gym daily !!!💪🏼🧠 this some motivation too me 💯

  16. I have been bulied and when I watch this vid I feel better and also think I need to stand up for myself and keep my tears away and just ignore the bully and never ever give up on life cause life doesn't give up on you and to whoever reads this never give up

    Therefore, "Disciplined & Committed!!!" "FOCUS!!!" ON GOD … "DRAWS!!!" YOU! CLOSER & CLOSER! & CLOSER!! & CLOSER!!!" TO HIM … enabling YOU! The "ABILITY!!!" TO DO!!! "ALL 💖 THINGS!!!" THROUGH 💕JESUS/YESHUA … WHO 💕"STRENGTHENS!!!" YOU!!!


  18. I really like that thank you for helping people to never give up and you say that you can still do it thank you 😊👏👍

  19. I’ve failed 3,000 times already I’ve improved and I’ve progressed higher then my opponent but I can’t win no matter what I do he does 200 push-ups I do 500 I still fail

  20. I speak english and i moved to mexico, here school is hard, difficult, there is more homework than in the united states,trust me, i was thinking that i can't,i just can't do this anymore, school doesn't interest me no more, after this video,it changed me, it changed my life, i will never give up, in my brain i will always think about this video! This video helped me so much and never giving up on my dreams of being famous on youtube, and in school! I can do this! You probably didn't read the whole thing but i hope this video will change your life and never give up! i hope you have a great life! And never ever give up!

  21. My dad died in the army he never give up he died when he was
    40 and always never give up I'm in a soccer and never give up while my teammate's stop but I don't and they give me but I don't and I win

  22. This helped me as I am very close in given up and nearly accepting people saying I’m a failure and accepting that I’m a failure as I did not do well in skl

  23. Man I am getting sick and tired of playing basketball. I’ve played my entire life and I’ve never been good. I’ve worked my ass off since I was 10, with ambitions to become the best. But man basketball fucking hates me. I’ve not been getting significantly better and my teammates also work a lot. Sure, great, my team is on of the better teams in Europe and my teammates are great people and I want them the absolute best don’t get me wrong. But it’s getting really frustrating when I work 4 hours of basketball a day, 7 days a week and I get nothing in return.
    I’m not athletic and I’m not very talented but I thought working hard will make me great one day. Obviously, people have been lying. People tell us all the time to not quit but I’ve been getting kicked in the nuts for almost 5 years and I’m sick and tired of it. The injuries are also so bad right now. My ambitions are now elsewhere and I want to do something else.
    Is it time for me to quit?

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