New Ski Pylon – SO EASY! Sea-Doo.

New Ski Pylon – SO EASY! Sea-Doo.

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All right Well one of the cool things about the Sea-Doo watercraft is that? We’ve taken the seat off and you can see actually how much room there is in this platform and also how flat it is and that’s all to make the Way user-friendly not having things that are protruding so you can hang out back here We’re going to install the ski pylon accessory And that’s just as easy as removing the cap off here And then sliding this will you keep this in that huge storage area and then moving this down And you’re ready to go, and then you can put the seat back very very cool accessory and like all the accessories They’re very easy on and off the machine and of course you have all that storage to store them when you’re not in use very cool

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