Newcastle Knights hold training camp for Māori league hopefuls

Newcastle Knights hold training camp for Māori league hopefuls

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A group of Newcastle Knights
have touched down in Wellington to encourage young
Maori men into league. The visit was hosted by the WelTec’s
Tamaiti Whangai Academy. Heta Gardiner reports. Working up a sweat in Wellington. This is Craig Smith, a former Kiwis Maori player. He was also a former
Newcastle Knights player. Now he’s returned to pass on
his expertise to these youths. These stars
from the Newcastle Knights are here supporting
the He Tamaiti Whangai programme, an initiative implemented by WelTec. The initiative supports
Maori students. According to Dave Lomax,
Team Leader of Tamaiti Whangai, fostering a relationship
with the club is a good move. But there is still plenty
of cream to sample. What’s unique
about this initiative is that it doesn’t
just focus on league. Instead, it combines sport
with education. On one end,
you have the league field, and just beside it, is WelTec. It’s hoped that
through this education, and the league skills gained, it will elevate these students
beyond NZ’s borders. Heta Gardiner, Te Karere.

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  1. A great way to encourage and train young lads to be successful and know that relationships are important to their future especially in sport.   Best effort the aim.

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