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(upbeat electronic music) – Are you kidding me? Everything we knew about the
NLL was completely wrong. If you watched any of
those games last weekend, what happened? Are you serious? Every team, first place, whatever, that’s the poll for the week. Just kidding, we’ll be
back with the real thing, but for now, we’re gonna
show you the highlights of each and every game and talk about what you missed, or probably what you saw because it was so hard to
wrap your mind around it. So here we go, first things first, Knighthawks, Bandits, game one. Bandits take it 13 to nine. This was just the first of three meetings between the two over the next four games. A classic Cosmo versus Vinc matchup. Still dealing with injuries
and the outsourcing of Keogh, the Knighthawks were trying to claim an identity heading into the weekend. Rookie Kyle Jackson is
really doing his thing to pull Rochester together. What excites me most is the
hat trick from Dan Dawson. The quarterback of this
offense, Dan’s been leading through assists this
season and it’s awesome to see the big man put up
seven points despite the loss. An early till out frustration
between heavyweights Steve Priolo and Andrew Suitor would ignite another fire in Bandit land. Let’s watch the big fellas get after it. (upbeat electronic music) Dealing with a concussion,
Benesch wasn’t with the team and Weiss and Malcolm were
also out of the lineup. They also scratched Blaze
this week to make room for lefty Pat Saunders,
in from New England. Saunders got his first
goal in Bandit land in the second quarter and finished
with two goals and two assists. Brad Self also picked
up a lot of the slack, racking up three goals and three assists against his former squad. Leading the offense, Dhane
Smith and Alex Kedoh Hill matched for a pair of goals
and combined for nine assists. Just about everyone who should’ve scored a goal did for Buffalo on Friday. Game number two, the
showdown between New England and Toronto would turn
into something serious. Without Shawn Evans and Pat
Saunders on the lefty side, we expected some stutters
as the Black Wolves looked to figure out the offense. Defense man Bill O’Brien
is also out of the lineup for a couple of games after
an illegal check last weekend. So who else would it be other
than American Kevin Buchanan, taking over and putting
up four goals of his own, along with three helpers. Two straight losses in a row for the Rock have us scratching our heads, as the Wolves’ defense had them scrambled and unable to put together
a lot in the five on five for a good chunk of the game. On the opposite end, Nick
Rose had a strong showing, but his team wasn’t
working the offensive magic they’ve been accustomed to. The game would be broken
up with a quick throw down between Phil Caputo and Sheldon Burns to wake up the Air Canada Centre. Aggressive in and out of the crease, net minder Evan Kirk was a stone wall most of the game between the irons, stopping nearly 84% of
what was thrown at him. Captain Brodie Merrill
would bury it by himself to take a late lead,
but an even later strike from Bucky would force the OT. Overtime would come to
an end a little over two minutes in with an
incredible hustle play from D-man, Sheldon Burns. Next up, the Roughnecks fell nine to 18 in the Loud House to the Colorado Mammoth. Newly acquired sniper
Steven Keogh was already looking sharp with his new squad. After opening up the scoring, Keogh would finish with
three goals and two assists. He was on the heels of
McLaughlin’s four goals and Crawford’s six, both
with a trio of assists. Brent Adams is still
bringing his lightning-quick play to the floor, earning a pair of goals and assists of his own. Dillon Ward went nearly 85% on the night, looking confident all game
long between the pipes. Leading his team with a
five-point performance, Superman Curtis Dickson
wasn’t able to start any real runs for the Riggers. Aside from Dickson, no scorer put up multiple goals on the game. Young goal tender Christian Del Bianco got the start and the finish, broken up by a passable
showing from Scigliano. Both goalies to a peppering in a game featuring 112 shots on goal. Completely shut down,
Wes Berg was lucky enough to find an assist while Shattler, Digby and Dobbie each
only sought the solo goal. For a team with this much familiarity, things shouldn’t have worked out this way. They were three for
three on the power play and killed off all but one
in a physical competition. How they responded will
shake things up even more, but we’ll get to that soon enough. For now, let’s put our
eyes on what has to be the most-thrilling game of the weekend, if not the 2017 season. After getting punched in the mouth during the second half on Friday night, the Knighthawks fired back right away during the following
afternoon’s one PM start. Both teams returned with
fairly similar lineups, but it would be Big Fish DiRuscio in the goal for the visitors. The night opened with a pair
of tallies by the K Hawks without an answer from the
Bandits in the first quarter. The hot sticks of Dhane
Smith and Pat Saunders would knot things up,
answered by a quick strike from Joe Resetarits. England and Steenhuis would
each light up the scoreboard to take a halftime lead. Out of the gate, young gun Kyle Jackson would tie things up for Rochester, before another strike from
Buffalo newcomer Pat Saunders. A pair from Gillies and
Resetarits would give a one-goal lead going
into the final frame. The entire game was a
back-and-forth exchange of hard-nosed lacrosse and ten minutes with fall from the fourth, the
scoring would open back up. Jones and Smith would steal a late lead, but the Blue Cross Arena
would never give up. Vitarelli showed up huge to
score an electrifying goal before silenced by another
lead-grabbing strike from Smith just 10 seconds later. The ceiling almost came
down when the Hawks stole the ball back
from Smith in transition in the final moments, throwing a prayer up to Josh Currier, as he would bury it with only three seconds
left to force the overtime. Who else would strap up the backpack and finish things off
but big, bad Dan Dawson? Ripping over the screen, DiRuscio
never saw the shot coming and when it hit twine, the Hawks had weekend revenge over their rivals. As I said earlier, the
Roughnecks would get a chance to right the ship, but no
one expected the turnaround to happen against the top-ranked Swarm, especially in a high-scoring
affair with 29 goals scored. Calgary found a way to put the ball in the net a lot early, and by a lot, I mean 13 goals to the Swarm’s three. Mike Poulin and Brodie
MacDonald split time in the first half, and
while both struggled, MacDonald would finish out the game and Poulin would get the L. Loose Matisz lead their
minimal offensive production with a hat trick and pair of assists, while Lyle was contained
to a couple of strikes and three helpers of his own. After a mediocre first showing, Bob Snider returned on
Saturday to win 20 of 34 draws, creating much-needed
possessions for the offense. The O returned the favor
with four guys putting up multiple points in the
game, led by an astounding seven connections from Dane Dobbie. Dobbie finished with seven points, while Dickson got back in rhythm with three goals and four helpers. Jeff Shattler and Wes Berg
stayed right on Dickson’s heels with six points each of their own. Scigliano would get the
call in the Saddledome and would answer by blocking
33 of 44 shots on goal. We have no idea how to
read this Roughnecks squad if they’re gonna continue
these Jekyll and Hyde performances through the
second half of the season. They’re infamous for squeaking
into the post-season, but if they play like
they did on Saturday, they can be a wrecking ball in the west. They weren’t the only team in the division getting their act together this weekend, it seems like practically out of nowhere Vancouver came to take down
the rockin’ and rolling Rush. Things didn’t look good
early when Saskatchewan stamped out five goals
in the first quarter, but able to hold the visitors to one goal in the second frame, the
Stealth slowly put the ball into the net until things were locked at sixes going into half time. There wasn’t one Stealth
shooter doing all the work on Saturday, it was a committee
effort to get things done. Small, Schuss, Salt, McCready and Durston would all throw a couple
of balls into the net. In all, 10 different runners found a way to put up at least a
single point in the fight. The third quarter was
another neck-and-neck race, but finally we saw the boys in black able to convincingly shut down a game, finding three goals in the fourth while holding the Rush to a goose egg. They can’t thank Tye Belanger enough, who blocked nearly 86% of
the 64 shots on target. Although he saw a lot of heat,
the defense still managed to hold Jones and Church to a pair each and Mark Matthews without a single strike. The ball appeared to have eyes of its own, beating Aaron Bold 13 times on 40 shots, his worst showing of 2017, to give Vancouver a much-needed win. Thanks for joining me
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