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It’s a sunny day again, and I see that there’s
the snow on the top of the mountains. Hmm, what if we make a total ski
area today that would be worth it? I see we have some blocks and some things
here, so we might do some track from here. Which would be worth it and…Yeah yeah, I think it’s
not a bad idea at all, so we’ll do it nicely because… Now, I wonder if it
can bend like that? Yeah, it works! Super!
So I’m happy. I was afraid it wouldn’t
work, dear friends. I shouldn’t waste so
much redstone, huh? God, it’s getting normally hot for
me, of course, we should make it In order to be able to ride on
a slope and make it worthwhile. So, look, that’s
what we’re gonna do. Yeah, so I should put some redstone here,
here we go. Jesus, there’s a hill here. So we have to put
it even higher. Here we’ll put this redstone like this and hopefully, it
will come out well, we need to save the redstone as we can. Nanana, that’s the way. Maybe
it will take us up. Almost. And I don’t even have… I have no tools. Yeah! I can actually
make a crafting table. And make the best
blocks that we can have. That’s wooden pickaxe and let’s mine a little
the rock here because it’s getting in my way. Well, I didn’t even know it could
impede me here, that’s totally annoying as s**t
normally…Annoying as s**t. And…I hope I can
do it somehow here… Put away the rock, because what
should this be? Such traps here. What are the blocks here?
The blue ones? I’d rather mine it with the cobblestone.
So look at that, yeah? Here’s how we’ll mine it, and then we’ll make
cobblestone pickaxe at the crafting table. So now we’ll mine the weird blue blocks here. I don’t
know what exactly it means…What it specifically is… But…It doesn’t drop anything because we
probably don’t have good tools for it… And it doesn’t matter, just not to
have some annoying block in the way. That’s what we don’t care of. But we
want to continue on our rails here. So here we have to destroy the
excess blocks that are in our way. And yes, the pickaxe helps us with that,
so maybe everything will manage well. Well, some stone
here, some dirt there We’ll quickly do it and chill. You’re watching? Directly across the mountain,
we’ll pull the tracks down like this. And we’ll pull them to the
top so it can carry us. Unfortunately, I don’t have money for the cableway, but I think that
a train or however you wanna call it, will certainly be enough. Well, here are some pink blocks…We can’t mine
it too, because I have an only stone pickaxe. How I’m saying, I can’t. Oh no, why it’s hindering here?
Why here? You know how much money might we earn
if it could be crafted entirely. Oh boy. You know what? I think this
might theoretically be enough. Because that mountain
is quite on top. And there’s even the snow so I think it
would be enough for that, look at it. Then we’ll jump over this
snow and we’ll be here. I don’t want to niggle with it anymore,
and I think it’s totally worth it. And the sheep will envy
us, they will all envy us. Where will the railway go now?
So look, we’ll put the snow here. And here the track will be totally worth it. I’m
already looking forward. And it’s getting darker. No. So we’ll continue
tomorrow morning. It’s again a beautiful sunny day
and we continue in the buildings. So yeah, we’ll put there the… I thought it was a yeti
and that’s just some sheep. And here people will
start like that. And they’ll fly somewhere far, fall
into that water and it will be worth it. So now we have to make it clear
where the cableway is going. So somehow…Or not the
chairlift, but the downhill. And here they’ll go down. Well, of course, I don’t have a lot of stuff,
so I’m going to put the oak boat here. And, I actually wanted to put
the water there, I remember. I’m not as stupid as it seems.
I may be even more. Look at that, exactly. But it wasn’t supposed
to go this way, it was supposed to go this way. Like another way, no! Jesus not, my God. A moment, I wanted to have it water but not so badly
water, I wanted to have it supported like that. So, that’s it, I like it! Look at my cable car, guys. Just my chairlift is in the boat, I can’t
do it differently, I’m an idiot you know. Yeaaah. That’s awesome. And now we have
to go to the other side of the mountain. And go all around it because we don’t
have a cableway stretched out of here. And the minecart
will lift us up. Does anyone have such a
good ski resort like me? I don’t think so. I definitely have
the best ski resort in the world. Oh, there’s also a special
cableway up there, do you see that? Comfortable with such an
elevator, but we want to use ours. So… Will I go through or not? Yeah, I can go through,
that’s rough, yaaay. Great, so we’ll test it. We’ll just go up, wow look at it.
Nicely in the middle of the mountain. Fine, I’m here. No no no,
I don’t want to go down anymore. Oh my God, it’s gone. Hmm, so whatever. But never mind, we’ll put one more
boat here and we’ll ride once more. Maybe I’ll improve it over time,
but I think it’s best this… cable car and ski area in the world.
Because I have snow here, you know. And not everyone has snow.
So look at those boats! Here I can totally
plant a lot of them. And it will be, look at it! Such carts right? In
which people can sit. I know these are bobsleigh! I’m the idiot all the time,
these are actually bobsleigh. And we actually ride on them, just
these bobsleigh are on the water, so… These are bobsleigh not boats, I lied.
These are bobsleigh. So, on the bobsleigh
and down the slope. Yaaay, yaaay, yeaaaah! Great, this is what I
call a luxury ski resort. Welcome everybody, welcome to my ski area,
which I recently bought from one of the pros. You have a link in the description
and look, we have some… that we can have new servants
if they’ll make us angry. And we can just do many different things here. We
have a cash machine here, we can differently here… Move and buy different
things for those credits. We turned on the
ATM and withdrew. What does it offer us? Chicken. So wait, I’d like some
food, but there’s only 2. So I’ll buy from you… Umm, three roasted rabbits…Thanks a lot. Here we have
the entire map of the ski resort and how you see… There are lots of things to do here, you can
ride boats, ski, ride on cableways and the like. And I think this is a really sophisticated
area, but it cost me several million dollars. And it was expensive as
hell…And let’s get a ride. So we’re sitting and going.
Wohoo…by the cable car. So, I like it, you see it? It’s just a cable car on the hill,
and it will be totally worth it. So I didn’t look at the area as it looks
like on a hill, but this is mega awesome. Imagine that functional area which
someone had created in Minecraft. This is great and really professional
skiing area of ​​the pro. So.. We’re going to get where we
should and look at that outlook. Oh, I wonder where I’m going to go. But this is absolutely amazing
functional Minecraft chairlift and I’m totally excited about that I made a really good choice and
I bought such a great ski resort. Totally totally professional. Which works, it’s
no scrap and… We’re almost up, oh, oh!
We’re almost up! So it slows down here
and we have to dismount. So, yeah, we’ll get down. And let it go further
down, do you see that? After the ropeway it goes beautifully
down and completely into the grove. Oh, here is for example
a total ice track. So we have to try it out then,
it’s great, and what’s there? There is actually the zipline for
rafting minigame, which is pretty good. So we could get there,
so yeah…Look at that. Let’s say we want the zipline. So, we’ll get into the minecart
and we can start whenever we want. Yeah just NOW start the
zipline and we’re going! Zipline is actually when you put the
rope around you and ride down the rope. From that hill completely,
and it’s great! Among these trees, yeah? This
is just mega-sophisticated. And I really like it very much. Wooow, it’s descent! Hey lol! That’s just great. This is really cool,
and in that forest, hey. Guys that’s what I’m saying. Yeah, yeah, yeah..So now it
turns around and we’ll ride here. And how the rope is stretched
in between these trees It’s just rough. And we’ll get there to rafting a minigame, which will be
totally worth it and I’m already looking forward to riding. So, yeah, we’re here. Great, so we’ve ridden down the zipline
and we’re on the raft. So, let’s go on it! And this race is also on speed, so we musn’t
overturn our boat and so on to be champions. And I would like to finish it,
so let’s start this RACE and go. WOW it’s going great. It’s great, there
are steep slopes here. The water is so… we even rode on the ice, nice. Well then, go on, go on. Excellent now watch out for those waterfalls,
we mustn’t overturn it much, cool. Mainly how those
waterfalls will be here. I’ve been looking at it here, and I know there are such
treacherous waterfalls, so on them you shouldn’t somehow… sink, because once there is too much
water in the boat, then it sinks. So we have to look out for these
waterfalls, so let’s take it from the left. And I go further, I’ll take the right path, because
the right one is always the right, it looks shorter. And let’s see what it looks like,
there are some buildings already. And we just go
through that valley. Hey, it’s excellent.
Wow, dude. Lol. Aa, these are trees… And here we have a goal, we are
really pros, like literally. We’re nicely at the finish and
we’ve earned $ 90 for being pro. And now we can go in more directions,
but the arrows point in that direction. So we will listen to the arrows because
I don’t know this area that much. And yes, we’re here in our base area,
from where we can go somewhere further. And now I’d like to
go skiing for example. Ohh, look at this mini-game. That’s so awesome, as if we are skiing.
Like really nice. That’s what I call a total awesomeness. And by using the
air-time, when you’re in the air, you can earn money afterwards. Great, 7 seconds, so deliberately,
if we can do it better. Let’s try it from the first
person, how it would look. Yeah, like a god, it was nicely in the
air, we’ll try it somehow to the distance. It was little, we’ll
try this one here! Ohh, fine, 13 seconds
in the air, finished! And I won $ 25 for playing this game because
people admired me and contributed me money. Great, I think this
ski area is worth it. Wow PVNST you really
have it better. I know, otherwise this will
be all for today’s video. If you like the video, do not
forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, or SHARE. So me and noob
will see you later! OUTRO!


  1. Jé super video si na youtuber na celom svete a je super že tak často natáčaš moju obľúbenú sériu:noob vs pro vs hacker vs god??????a že skoro každý deň natáčaš nové video teda každý deň vždycky si ho rada pozriem? ???

  2. PVNSTE jaké používáš módy na noob vs pro ?? odepiš mi na instagram moje jméno: mari.novak1980 pokud teda instagram máš dik

  3. Zajímavé a podnětné, ale psychiatr? To vypadá na pokus o sebevraždu nebo minimálně sebepoškozování. Nepůsobí dobrým dojmem otevřeně přiznat jen něco a něco dalšího ne.

  4. V tom skiarealu jsem našel něco hodnědivnýho a to že je tam nějaký koupaliště neno nějakej quapark

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