NZ Māori league team eyes return to RLWC

NZ Māori league team eyes return to RLWC

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The NZ Maori league team
is in Rotorua to prepare for their second clash against the Murri Queensland
Indigenous side. The Maori team won their first game
last week in Huntly, 48–18. But the long-term goal
is for the Maori team to be able to compete
in the Rugby League World Cup. The NZ Maori league team has converged on
to Rotorua Boys High School. This what they’re doing
ahead of their second clash against the Murri side tomorrow. Learning about Maori
protocols and traditions is an important aspect
for some of these players who haven’t yet been exposed
to these practices. Those are the things
that make this team unique to any other team. However, this team still yearn
for the opportunity to once again play in the World Cup. The Maori team featured
in the 2000 World Cup, but the international
governing board maintains that only one team
can represent each country. Despite their belief that
the team holds a lot of talent. Which is why they are determined
to crush the Murri side. Their match takes place tomorrow at the National Maori League
tournament in Rotorua. Kereama Wright, Te Karere.

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  1. maori use to be strong in union and league but in the last 10-15 years they have been pushed to the side like good little controlled niggahs … im half tongan and iv seen the exclusion of maori teams because iv always wanted to play for both maori and tonga .. but to be honest the baleads who control this game have made it loud and clear that a maori union and league team in any world cup comp is ridiculous … considering that the maori rugby team has been around for over 100 years …. fucking racist cuntry this is

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