Origami Magic Ball (Dragon’s Egg by Yuri Shumakov)

Origami Magic Ball (Dragon’s Egg by Yuri Shumakov)

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28cm x 14cm
(you can use any rectangle of ratio 2:1) Make a grid 32×16
Divide in half Divide each part in half Keep dividing each part in half until you get 32 parts Divide in half Keep dividing each part in half until you get 16 parts Pleat the top segments Pleat on the vertical creases Unfold a little to make the next steps easily Fold the little diagonal Make the mountain fold and two more diagonals Repeat Repeat this pattern all the way on the first row Turn the valley fold into a mountain fold Note the position of the mountain fold of previous row and the new mountain fold Fold the little diagonals Turn the valley fold into a mountain fold Push from behind to make the mountain fold Fold the little diagonals on the right and on the left of the mountain fold Repeat this pattern Before making a new row, make a pleat as shown Mountain-fold the long line Valley-fold Reform the pleats Unfold one segment Squash-fold Turn this valley fold into a mountain fold Do the same way we did on the previous row On the last row we need only a valley fold Valley-fold the corner Reverse-fold the other corners Valley-fold the last corner Reverse-fold all the corners on the other side Unfold one end Use tape to join the ends Remake the folds Magic Ball finished!

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  2. Finally gets right size paper boooom ? 1.31 in lost ? your fingers on fire bro Bet your lass calls you the finger God ? next time you up load will you put numbers on the lines it might help ?‍♂️ please lmao then I too can be the finger God. All hale the finger gods?

  3. 6:15 im doing it correctly, but the diagonal folds keep on getting smaller and smaller and its really frustrating me. anybody else having that problem?

  4. This way is amazing, but making the pattern on this one is surprisingly hard, even if I've made it before. So,I recommend that you try to make it easier because I really want to make this one.

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  6. Every time I tried to make it my paper got torn so I made it with a thick paper. It's fun I tried toake this 26 times

  7. The way to fold this ball is completely simple, the hard thing is the accuracy must be at 100%

  8. After years I finally made one. Took four hours and it was like easy pattern but looks so complicated

  9. I made one that is 42L by 21W. Using an A3 piece of paper which is conveniently 42cm (L). It's actually quite big and works with any size that is in the ratio 2:1 (as mentioned in the video). 🙂

  10. Vengo del futuro, pasaron 56 años y por fin la termine. Por favor no sigan este tutorial o tendrán una vida eterna de frustración

  11. After half of the video i start questioning about my existence and what the hell am i doing
    Still not success…..

  12. NOTE: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use cellotape. I did and it worked however, it made the job really tough. Use MASKING TAPE!

  13. my 3rd year rn hope i get it done. i never had been able to pass the part after making those tiny folds along the middle paper and then making the folds on the edges like a traignle. that had always stumpted me. TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!

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