Oxford Canal to Rugby by Narrowboat

Oxford Canal to Rugby by Narrowboat

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Hello, thanks very much for watching. Well, I’ve moved further down the canal. Just to give you a bit of an idea of where
I am. On this very pitch in 1823, a guy called William
Webb Ellis completely ignored the game of football, picked up a ball and ran with it. Of course, I’m in Rugby. {Music} After leaving Hawkesbury Junction last week
we passed a range of vintage vehicles in various states of decay and headed east
towards Ansty for a few days. Then through the middle of the popular Ansty
golf course and followed the railway line down to the home of Rose Narrowboats. We then dropped south and moored up again
in a deep thick wooded area which is where we met the carpenter to load the new tv cabinet
aboard and more wood. Passing Brinklow Marina we continued east
and then through the relatively short Newbold Tunnel on the outskirts of Rugby Town, where
we were to moor up again. Remember the episode where I had fitted a
cable tray to the ceiling and the oak boards to the wall? Well, they have all been removed and new foil
fitted. The foil’s been stapled from the floor up
the walls, over the ceiling and back down the other wall which has made the boat feel
like living in a warm spaceship. Thank you to viewer
Jason Clive for suggesting it. It seriously locks the heat in! We then used the newly cut oak boards and
fitted them vertically below the gunnels. Again, hiding the screws within
the board’s tongues. We’ve also started to install the damp proof
MDF sheets to the upper walls and I went outside to mark through the windows where to cut. The inside is really
starting to take shape now. {Music} Rugby is the second largest town in Warwickshire
and is situated near the borders of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Rugby is the birthplace of the jet engine. Frank Whittle built the first prototype here
at the former site of the British Thomson Houston works in 1937. Official interest was forthcoming following
this success, with contracts being placed to develop further engines. This is Rugby School and is one of England’s
oldest and most prestigious public schools. It’s also said to be the place for the invention
of rugby football which is now played worldwide. In 1823 William Webb Ellis broke the existing
rules of a football match and ran across the pitch here with the ball in his arms. Despite this being firmly entrenched in the
sport’s folklore, there is no substantive evidence of this, and many historians say
it’s simply a myth. There is a William Ellis museum just opposite
the school, so I popped in to have a look. The boot and shoe maker to Rugby School was
called William Gilbert and he had a small shop in the town. They were already supplying balls to the school
when in 1823 they started to create the rugby ball Although larger and rounder than today’s,
in 1877 the Gilbert family started to export the balls internationally with this ledger
detailing the first shipment to Australia. The museum, which is free to enter has the
history of the game and details how the balls were manufactured and how the game has progressed
throughout the centuries. There’s lots of memorabilia and cups and medals
on show here. {Natural sounds – birds, engine) {Music} The town itself is relatively compact but
right up by the canal spans a wide range of supermarkets and shops, which are ideal to
stock up on supplies. The town has a certain feel of grandeur and
we had no issues mooring here. Next time we travel down to Hillmorton Locks
where the temperature starts to plummet and the canal freezes over. If you’ve not already subscribed, please do,
it doesn’t cost you anything and by clicking the bell icon you’ll be notified about future
releases. Until next time, see ya later.

57 thoughts on “Oxford Canal to Rugby by Narrowboat”

  1. Great timing! After the last one, I was just thinking I was suffering from Molly withdrawal symptoms! As usual, nice video, excellent for lifting my spirits in the dark part of the year. Thanks as ever!

  2. I really enjoy the videos. You add in a lot of great history and facts about life out on the canal. I am from the USA and would live if you could do a video on the rules for buying a narrowboat, what is required to operate it and can someone like myself from the USA buy a boat and live on the canal.

    Thanks again for the great videos.

  3. Whenever the origin of the game of rugby is discussed I always have a chuckle to myself about the origin of the word “try”.

  4. Thanks Jono, we have missed your voice. Alice is coming along nicely it appears. Good luck with fitting. I only wish I wasn’t in the USA so I could help you finish it. 40 yrs of finish carpentry and a retired Architect. I could be of great help, but the commute would be a bit costly. I look forward to all your content.
    Your friend Gene

  5. Hi Jono, i was wondering, in the video just after 5:30 there is a shed on or by the tow path in what looks like quite a remote location, any idea why ?

  6. Interesting and short. Thanks for getting out in the cool air. England is beautiful in winter but not many boats in transit.

  7. Your weather looks not too bad Jono. Here on the 'Wet Coast' of Canada, it started snowing on & off, 4 days ago and has not stopped! We now have up to 20 inches of snow on the ground! Yikes!

  8. we enjoyed the video programme . the google earth mapping schematics really enhanced our viewing pleasure . thank you cheers.

  9. Hello Jono

    To continue our conversation from the last video.

    The point I am referring to is (49 minutes and 10 seconds) into your live stream inside the Polly tunnel vlog. You say you have all the parts for a vlog and sagest it will change the way a lot of people will use the canals. I am very interested in what you have to say. Please when are you going to enlighten us all.

    Very Kind Regards John.

  10. Rugby is our national sport in NZ and our All Black rugby team has done well over the years internationally right from the early days. Rugby 7's has really taken off in both men and woman's teams. Really nice video bro. All the best.

  11. Excellent video as always. The Google Earth and drone shots add hugely to the context.
    This area is where we hired a Napton boat ("Sophie", a Regency class boat), in August 2017. We turned at Brinkelow Marina. All part of a most enjoyable UK holiday.
    Cheers, Jono, from NZ.
    Looking forward to the next edition.

  12. Your videos are so well done and put together! Quite enjoyable to watch! I love how you talk about the communities the canals go through and give history.

  13. Rugby is my home town lived there 42 years it is a great place all my family live there. I have moved now live in Cheshire with my wife and 3 of my children. Loving the vlogs

  14. Ahoi, Jono und Molly, Deine Filme werden immer schöner und das Du auch mal ein Museum besuchst freut mich besonders. Das beweißt mir, das Du Kultur hast, was heute so selten geworden ist. Auch erfreue ich mich über die Lebensfreude der Molly. Gruß leo

  15. Great video really interesting…love the map and the bit of history…great to have you back…but you are still living in a building site will it ever be finished I wonder. Molly happy to be on the move again.

  16. Great vlog Jono. Are sir Frank Whittle if I remember rightly a lot of the jet engine test were made at Bitterswell Aerodrome just on the outskirts off Lutterworth, sadly the Aerodrome is not there now but engines could be heard testing right up until 1996/7. Cheers pal keep up the great vlogs

  17. "Rugby Football" has never been played since 1873. Rugby Union which was never invented at Rugby school but in London in 1971 is the second crude evolution of the original school trial. And Rugby League in 1895 the first development of Rugby as a proper sport.

  18. G'day Jono,
    Just a quick thank you to Molly and yourself for taking us along on your "journey"
    Brian & Jack the wonder lab

  19. Like the video, make more of this kind of footage. I mean footage of places in the UK and interesting things there. Like the dog He´s completely nuts. Cheers from the Netherlands

  20. This will help you cut your running costs . . . . .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D157-bJtY08


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