Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals Helping Each Other

Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals Helping Each Other

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Welcome to animals helping each other out of bloody dodgy situations. This leopard is munching on an antelope when suddenly it runs off because of the baboons. The’re like “Leave Jill alone, she’s a fucken top sheila you dickhead”. Jill is understandably having a panic attack after almost becoming a happy meal. She’s good though. She says cheers to the baboons and jogs off in the same direction as the leopard. This crow is yelling “Help!! Help! I’m drowning”. The bear replies “Why the fuck don’t you have a flotation device with ya?”. And he Yanks the dumb wanker to safety. The crow passes out from all of the excitement. Maybe it’s dead. Oh no, no. It’s like “Fuck fuckity fuckerou. Where am I?” “Ah that’s right I’m in a bear pit.” “Did you save me to eat me Later?” “You didn’t, did ya?” “You did! You can tell me. Either way It’s cool.” “I can handle the truth.” Hippos are unsung heroes. They never realize when they’ve been helpful. This one is providing a vacation spot for Turtles. Now they’re like “Shit there’s an earthquake!” “Stop moving, we’re trying to relax up here.” The hippo says “Sorry I didn’t realize I was a continent, I won’t move again”. “You have my word. Enjoy your stay.” “If you’d like fast Wi-Fi. It’s ten bucks a day.” “I do free breakfasts though.” This doggo says “You want me to clean your teeth?” “I can pick all the meat and bones of your enemies out.” The lion says “Fuck yes wiener dog. Fuck yes”. “In return I shall help you with your fleas.” This is great. This is generous reciprocity in a friendship. These two should rule the animal kingdom together. I reckon. Including the humans. Ohhhh, Dear! This dickhead has gotten himself stuck. Everyone on the sidelines is shouting “Drop the damn stick”. He refuses to drop the damn stick though. He thinks he’s a good boy who deserves the fucken thing. His mate is like “Give me the bloody stick”. And locks his jaws onto it. I honestly can’t tell if this rescue mission is altruistic. Or motivated by stick greed. Either way it’s a positive outcome in a world of shit. This little piggy is coming back from the market when it notices a stranded goat. It bloody plows through it. The goat says “Thank you”. “What are you up to now?.” “Wanna go get some bacon and eggs?.” “That’s not funny” says the pig. Of course It’s only kangaroos that never wanna to be helpful, selfish bastards. This sloth is begging “Please lend me a helping paw”. “I am a sloth adventurer. I wish to conquer the summit of this mountain.” “Just give me a push. Give me a boost. Come on, Just a little a little boost.” The kangaroo says “NO! Nah nah nah nah nah”. “It’s gonna be far more satisfying if you achieve this on your own.” So maybe the kangaroo is actually helping. Anyway The slough doesn’t realize it. It’s like “Get back here you fucken skippy dickhead”.

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  1. что за придурок??? Факинг факинг, что блять по-русски не умеешь говорить ?

  2. I can't tell if this rescue is altruistic or motivated by stick greed. Wow, that is fucking brilliant😀

  3. Yer face looks stupid. Your fake hair makes me want to kick it. I’m not sure what a bloke is but it’s you if it’s real. I hope you go fuck yourself..

  4. “Jill says cheers to the baboon and jogs off in the same direction as the leopard” 😂😂😂😂 I love Aussie man so much his videos are amazing.

  5. Sorry I didnt realize I was a continent 😂🤣😂🤣 any1 see the robin William's interview where hes accused of thinking faster than every1 else? Ya. Ozzy Man

  6. Me: yay something funny and possitive to watch.
    YouTube: No! Demonitize! Let's recommend some snuff footage! Bwwaa ahahahahaha!

  7. Mi fa onore vedere come gli animali possano dimostrare amicizia rispetto all'uomo che si comporta peggio delle bestie

  8. the leopard and the gazelle were actually boyfriend and girlfriend. The baboons were her parents. Adoptive parents of course, but very protective of who she sees.

  9. Hippo to turtles
    "Enjoy your stay
    If you like fast WiFi, it's 10 bucks a day
    I do free breakfasts though"

  10. Need to watch your language please children may be vieiwng this video. No reason for so many f words and others.

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