Paipong – Automatic Ping Pong Ball Collector Robot

Paipong – Automatic Ping Pong Ball Collector Robot

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What do they say about picking up balls while playing? It’s so often.. because… I’m kind of lazy person i don’t like picking up balls I hate to pick up balls. I’m using badminton for reference sometimes it’s a waste of time if while playing and the shuttlecock hits the net so that we have to pick it up and start over again really wasting time i feel annoyed But i feel even more annoyed because the one who picks up the ball is the one who losing and i quite often losing when playing volley so my job is always picking up the ball if there is something that could pick up the ball for me, that’ll be nice What do you think about the idea of Ball Collecting Robot? Sounds great, if the price is reasonable I might buy one. That’s what i said, if there’s that kind of robot while playing ping pong That’d be very nice I’d just let it picks up the ball I don’t have to hassle to pick up the ball anymore. Simple. The idea is interesting because especially for the athletes which in their leisure time maybe playing badminton or tennis it makes their training time can be used more effectively I think that’d be helpful Like what I said before I’m kind of lazy person so that if there’s that kind of robot, maybe i’ll play more often What’s your expectation towards this Ball Collector Robot? Maybe they’ll be in the sports field like badminton, pingpong, or table tennis which kind of big maybe (in the future) it can picks up not only round balls because usually balls shaped round in your prototype, it can only picks up round balls isn’t it. for example rugby ball or american football’s ball should be able (to picked up by the robot) even more, that kind of ball is having the ‘weird’ (irregular) bounce So if there’s a big robot that can do that kind of thing It’d be very useful In your video (prototype), your robot uses wheel (to move around) It uses wheel (to move) so it can only be operated within one story In my house, i play (ping pong) on second floor Usually, the ball drops to the first floor I’m lazy to go dowstairs to pick up the ball Nah, if the robot can also go downstairs and pick up the ball, that’d be great. Maybe in your video (prototype) the speed is lacking Maybe (the speed) can be increased That robot is supposed to help us while playing It’d be pointless if they’re slower (than the player)

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