Pan Futsal Shoes: Vigor IV  & Wave Classic II |

Pan Futsal Shoes: Vigor IV & Wave Classic II |

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It’s not every day here at
HQ that we get to deal with exotic foreign imports, but that’s exactly what we got
. when a package from Thai company PAN showed up on our doorstep. Already popular in Thailand and having a number
of key sponsorships of players in the Thai national futsal team and AFC Futsal Champs
Chonburi Blue Wave, Pan are aiming to become a name with global recognition with their
latest two futsal-specific models. First up is the eye-catching Vigor IV – a
professional-tier futsal shoe that is designed with the serious player in mind. The shoe’s energetic colourway embodies
the message behind the shoe – which is to maximise the energy output of the player wearing
them in every possible aspect. The upper is a K1.3 micro fibre which feels
very plush for a synthetic, and is stitched and moulded into pockets of material for a
controlled touch and thinned out for better power transfer in others. This material -which is developed in-house
for Pan – won’t over-stretch and is especially light for a futsal shoe, not to mentioned
treated with antimicorbial properties for fresh feet and an easy to clean finish. That distinctive patterning you see around
the forefoot comes from a honeycomb-like use of printed TPU, designed to offer a shot-shield
like increase in rebound and more friction on the ball Our favourite feature are the grip-gel pods
in the heel counter, which lock the foot in place for an improved level of comfort and
ease of acceleration. The sole, as you’d expect is a non-marking
composite that’s great for grip and turning on hard futsal courts. On the flip side to the feature-packed Vigor
IV is the more heritage-inspired Wave Classic 2 – still worn by a number of professional
players, the Wave Classic instead focuses on durability, a soft first touch and a more
timeless style. The calf-leather upper is wonderfully soft
to the touch with a great level of give and flex to the upper straight out of the box
and features stitching right the way through the mid foot for maximum flexibility. The upper is perforated for ventilation and
works with the cleverly placed mesh throughout the boot to keep players comfortable and cool
during a game. At the heart of the Wave Classic 2 is the
High Rebound Phylon in the midsole, created to a formula Pan have developed over ten years,
this mid foot material reduces pressure on the sole of the foot when planting to turn
or stop, has high rebound properties for better energy return and is durable and lighter than
rubber. Currently on sale across Asia, it’s well
worth keeping an eye on the Pan name if you’re big into Futsal as they seem to produce shoes
that are full of great ideas – we know we will be We’ll hopefully be doing a wear test of
each shoe on the site in the coming months, so be sure to be on the look out over on,
or hear about first via Facebook, Google+ Twitter or instagram

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