Paul Rabil Throws a Lacrosse Ball Across Baltimore Harbor

Paul Rabil Throws a Lacrosse Ball Across Baltimore Harbor

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– I’m Paul Rabil – And I’m Drew Westervelt. – And we’re going to chuck a ball over the Inner Harbor. How you guys doing? – Aw, that’s money. That’s a good cross field right there. – Where are you? – Raise your hand. Oh, I see you, okay. – Gonna need me some gloves. – Arghhhhh. – Arghhhhh. – Yeahhhh! Send it back. – Yes! – I run a restuarant here. – Yeah, we’re done. We were just skipping balls across the harbor. – Cause they got on our case about these crates that fell off. So now we put them inside. – Oh they got on you because they fell off? – Yeah, so I don’t know if they’ll give you a hard time about those balls or what. – That’s gonna be great!

100 thoughts on “Paul Rabil Throws a Lacrosse Ball Across Baltimore Harbor”

  1. That man was working :).
    And these kids are out and about in jogging pants running around like little 15 year old girls 😉

  2. To "throw across"… "harbor"… not by my definitions. I wish I could "unview" this video. And, what is Lacrosse, a city in Wisconsin, but spelled wrong? There is a sport, lacrosse, but it is not a proper noun, and therefore is not capitalized, like basketball and rugby.

  3. What was up with the dude at the end giving you all a hard time? I mean was he being a dick for real about you guys having fun or was he trying to be nice about 🚨 patrolling the area? IDK just found that weird… It's like they had no business that day so I'm gonna go out and give these guys a hard time about throwing a lacrosse ball with one another across the frozen body of 💧…. 😂🖕Mr. Restaurant Random 👨

  4. Dumbest video ever, this is like Tin Cup were he bounces the golf ball down the road. You didn’t throw it across the river you threw it into the river and it bounced and rolled on the ice until it got to the other side

  5. Why is everyone complaining about the title? He threw it across at least 3 times from what I saw. It doesn't say "catches ball" anywhere in the title, so it's really your own faults for assuming he would

  6. OK hella respect to these guys first off but I honestly thought lacrosse was a weenie sport like it was portrayed in archer LMAO

  7. Who does that schmo think he is, telling Rabil not to LAX in his own town?

    This is as bad as some nobody telling Lebron not to shoot hoops in Akron.

    What a fucking party pooper.

  8. I got to say I don’t understand why people hate on lacrosse it is the most fun sport I’ve played in a lifetime. currently I’m going on three years of playing lacrosse and I am a D pole and is the most fun position I’ve ever played in any sport whatsoever.

  9. It’s it funny when people ask you to stop doing something fun there’s always some “other guy” not them… who really wants you to stop.

  10. So I have a question for everyone who plays. Are Under Armour sticks good? I have friends who play and they say the sticks suck. Does anyone know why people say this?

  11. Fun fact in that river a man named sulley had risk people life on amd airplane and landed it on the water bc their engines turned off

  12. Full on click bait. I thought they literally through it across the entire river like a Dude Perfect shot but nope. They call rolling the ball across the river a throw. Anyone can do that.

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