Phenom Elite SG-200 Boxing Gloves Review – Seen Used By Amir Khan

Phenom Elite SG-200 Boxing Gloves Review – Seen Used By Amir Khan

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hey guys this is Arron from Fight
Quality today I’ve got a review of the Phenom Boxing Elite SG-200 boxing gloves
let’s check it out so the brand Phenom Boxing was started by a group of people
who have over 20 years experience in designing boxing gloves they decided to
put their knowledge together to make their own brand Phenom Boxing and start
producing some really high quality gear so the Elite SG-200 is actually a good
example of this one of their more premium models Phenom sent us over a pair
of these so we could test them out and review them is what we thought so I said
in our written review on that I was actually pretty
skeptical before I got these gloves usually I have a good idea of the brand
before we get them but with Phenom I hadn’t really heard about them before
they weren’t really on the radar that much it’s far too easy for brands just
slap premium on the label and stick the price up and actually sell their glove
without justifying the quality but that doesn’t seem to be the case here these
actually seem to be really well put together boxing gloves and we’ll go
through why in a minute so Phenom’s boxing gloves have
actually been used by a few big people one of which being Amir Khan so Phenom
do have gloves in both laces and velcro the SG 200 is the lace up
equivalent these are in 16 ounces but there are other sizes available as well
when it comes to visuals there’s a whole host of options available this is just one of
many there’s loads of different colours they also do custom versions so you can
really choose whatever you want this version though is white and black as
you can see with the contrasting on the wrist and Phenom Boxing there most
versions actually have a P logo in the background but this one doesn’t which I
think actually makes it a little bit classier a little bit cleaner I actually
prefer it without on the palm of the hand you also have
this pattern formed out of the P logo from Phenom personally when I
first saw these I really wasn’t sure on the pattern I think it’s a bit
hit-and-miss and I can understand why some people might not like it but when I
actually started using these put them on and started moving around the motion makes
it really cool and I actually don’t mind them now I guess it’s one of those
things where you can’t really tell what something’s like until you try it and
then you actually do get it yourself and you realize actually that’s quite nice
so as well as this video we’ve also got our Fight Gear Focus series where we show
you a close up of the gloves a bit better and you can really get a better
feel for what they look like we’ll put a link to that in description so obviously
the quality and the build construction is what you really care about when
you’re paying as much for a glove thankfully these are made with premium
full-grain leather and it really shows when you touch it you can instantly feel
the quality they seem really high-grade and that’s clearly a lot of thought and a
lot of money gone into this speaking of the leather you can tell the
craftsmanship that’s gone into this because how neat everything thing is even the
folds around the edge of the gloves are really neatly tucked in everything is
really nice it all looks like there’s a lot of attention being put in these
definitely haven’t just been thrown together at least we usually look for things like
stitching quality and that it’s a little hard to see with the pattern here but
everything seems to be done really well there’s no issues everything’s secured
as we’d expect there’s not even a single loose thread that I can find on these
gloves so if I did have one minor gripe it might be that the stitching isn’t
perfectly straight when you have it in the middle of these ridges here that is
a bit of a difficult area to stitch so I can kind of understand that and let them off
it is double stitched it should hold fine it’s just one of those things that
when you’re looking close up isn’t necessarily the prettiest okay so that’s
it for the outside but what about the inside sorry I’ve got these laced up so they’re a
little bit hard to put on its when you’ve got these on the lining’s pretty
soft on the skin actually it’s a little bit smooth but it’s not satiny it’s got
a bit of a softness to it so the only area this isn’t true is on the inside of
the thumb just here you don’t have that inner lining so it’s just the leather
that’s not too much of an issue for me it certainly didn’t seem to make the gloves feel any hotter when they were on so I can overlook that that’s fine usually we
would suggest always use wraps when training but I have actually tested
these with and without and even without they are perfectly comfortable they hold
your hand in place really nicely and they’re genuinely quite enjoyable to wear
obviously once you’ve got them on padding holds your hand in place nicely
they’re actually really quite close snug fit which i think is really good in a
lace-up glove especially with the wrist it’s a very
naturally slim wrist so if you do have slimmer arms like myself these are
absolutely perfect or if you do have slightly wider wrists you can rely on
the laces obviously to give you that tight fit sometimes if you’re a bit
slimmer like me it’s a bit hard to find a glove that actually fits well and you
just have to artificially tighten up too much of the laces but these do have a
nice perfect fit even with a 16-ounce training glove in terms of the density I’d probably say it’s a medium firm they’re not the softest but they’re also not
hard they do make quite a nice contact actually obviously the other benefit
when you’ve got a glove with slightly firmer padding is it means you can really
feel the contact so you can get a nice sense of the contact you’re making where
you’re punching and whether you’re landing correctly which is always
helpful especially if you’re doing other sorts of training for example if you’re
on the bag or pads but then even in sparring that helps to just because you
can feel how solid of contact you make I personally really like that but it kind
of depends on what sort of sparring glove you’re looking for so when it comes to
comfort I really mention in my written review on I’ve
really actually enjoy the fit of these gloves the thumb seems to be in a good
position to me maybe holding a little bit tightly here but not as bad as some
gloves the fingers feel really natural and there’s actually good about a
movement there naturally so you can open your hands up if you’re looking to parry
or perhaps just like have a bit more of an open hand stance which I personally
really love I mean I do a lot of Muay Thai so that comes in really handy for
that but even in normal boxing it’s just good for knocking shots out the way
another part what makes these fit really well is the hand compartment it’s just
so well shaped I think I’m a lot of the times brands tend to just give you a
fairly open hand compartment to make it a bit universal and then just cram it a
lot of padding so your hand feels squashed in place which is great to
start off with but then when you start using the gloves a bit more it starts
to loosen up and you don’t really have that same fit with these gloves though it
does just feel like they are really well made so the positioning of the hand is
really well done it feels like they’re well shaped and well put together and I
think that all lends itself to that great fit and feel which I think
probably rivals a lot of other good brands out there
personally out of the gloves that I’ve used I’d say this is probably my maybe
second favorite fit I think the only thing I prefer is the rival rs1 boxing
gloves because they really do feel perfectly made for your hand but as far
as traditional style gloves go these are absolutely brilliant obviously wear
these are a medium-firm density boxing glove that does mean that they’re not
too puffy so they’re fairly slim they’ve got fairly slim profiles you can
probably see which just makes it good for slipping in gaps getting in there
in sparring especially which is another factor that really plays out when you’re
actually putting these to the test and I really don’t mind that at all sometimes it’s
nice to have that bigger guard but when you’re actually trying to improve your
skills where you probably would be if you’re playing for a more premium glove
like this then the ability to really time and place your shots is really
essential so another thing I found with these gloves is especially around the
palm and the fingers it can actually get quite hot I think that’s a little bit
because of the lining and there’s not a huge amount of breathability there are
some holes I don’t know if you can see here they’re not really doing that much
I don’t think it’s not really helping a lot the thumb surprisingly doesn’t feel
too bad but especially around the wrist and hand it’s really you can get quite
sweaty sometimes which if you have to take your gloves off and put them back
on it’s not always the most pleasant so yeah overall I think they could add a few
more maybe perforations just open up a little
bit more or perhaps even just increase the size the existing ones other than that
though these are a really solid pair of gloves and I’ve actually really enjoyed
testing them out alright budget this is the one that nobody likes the cost
unfortunately these gloves are gonna cost you about £150 which let’s be real
is not a small amount so if you are looking at these you’re probably going
to be someone who’s taking their training a lot more seriously looking
for a good sparring only glove or perhaps you even want to use these for
bags but I mean if we’re gonna put that into perspective we’ve also tested out
the RDX Pro gloves which are a little bit less pricey but these are miles
ahead of in terms of quality and perhaps the Rival RS1 that we mentioned
earlier which are slightly better fitting glove but also slightly more
expensive than these but in terms of quality they’re
probably on par to be perfectly honest so with that in mind about £149.99 price tag is probably actually not too far off what we’d
expect for these they certainly justify it with the amount of quality
that’s put into these and we haven’t really found too many faults with these
other than perhaps the breathability so just to summarize what we did and
didn’t like there’s plenty of colour options available with these gloves so you
can pretty much go for anything you want as well as getting lace-up versions
velcro versions there’s a whole host of options available from Phenom I also
really personally liked they’re a very slim fitting glove especially for someone
like me who’s much leaner build and the padding with that as well is very nice
for sparring you can really get in the gaps as well the quality is pretty
top-notch for these I can’t fault the leather at all
I haven’t really found any major issues with the stitching and they’re not really
coming apart I haven’t seen any real signs of wear just yet but on the flip
side we do find that these can get a little bit hot after training for a long
period of time it just builds up sweat if you’ve got a hand wraps on it’s not
so much of an issue but still the hand compartment does feel very hot
especially if you’re taking these gloves off after a long session and then
putting them back on again for a little bit more you really do notice that other than
that hope you like this review of the Phenom Boxing SG-200 boxing gloves before you go just wanna point out I’ve
been wearing the Fight Quality Gold t-shirt for this video if you want to
grab something like this stuff head out to you can pick
yourself up your own t-shirt so that’s all for this review if you enjoyed this
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