PLAYING FIFA 17 WITH FOOTBALLERS ft. Ronaldo, Messi, Pogba, Ozil, Costa | Footy Friends


alright, let’s do it Now remember, it’s just a penalty No reason to go crazy over a penalty Dude! It’s just a penalty! Come on, I told you! calm down! what’s the problem? Pick up the controllers, get in this game Ohhhh….I see how it is Stop with the passing! Come on! Give me the ball! I can’t take this anymore! Oh! haha yeah! Did you just assist a goal for me? I’ll take it. Thank you! For the last time…. This is my house. I am player 1 Go ahead and pick up controller 2 and let’s get on with it 90th minute, 0-0 We are definitely going into overtime Oh my God! 90th minute goal…. How? How? Ah! I barely touched you! Hold on. Time out. Time out. I have to go to the bathroom. Cris, take my spot. Did you just get a new haircut? I swear that is a new haircut… Yeah! haha! Yeah baby…. You just got another haircut I swear you just got another haircut Boom! No Stopping that. No stop….. You just got another haircut Did you just get 3 haircuts in the span of 3 minutes? Nope, I am definitely not playing you….

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