Playing Golf With A Lacrosse Ball | Loser Sings In Public | Featuring GM Golf And The Crew

Playing Golf With A Lacrosse Ball | Loser Sings In Public | Featuring GM Golf And The Crew

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that was really good
all righty we found it just know that you’re singing that’s all I know it’s
pretty good Oh hit the pin yes he is playing barefoot
by the way just in case y’all wanted to know that what is up with Garrett Matt Steven
we’re gonna revisit a challenge that I did a long time ago the bouncy ball
challenge here’s how the competition is gonna go today four players will start
on hole one the winner on hole once is done they’re done competing for the day
they’re out second hole there will be three knocked down to two we will find
out in the on the third hole who the loser is yes and what does the loser
have to do Garrett what do they have to do sing in public and that’s not fun because I
hate singing yeah that’s gonna be yeah hopefully Steven singing I hopefully go
ahead and get out of there on the first hole I do not want to be singing in
public we’re gonna go down to the ledges and that’s where we’ll be doing that so
loser will be singing in public nice and loud and yeah so we’re gonna go by these
bouncy balls right now and we’ll see you there all right we are looking for bouncy
balls currently I don’t know bouncy balls those don’t look like bouncy balls
those are like soccer balls Walmart has everything they should have bounced yeah
come on guys check out there is Walmart no bouncy balls here strike one
we’re gonna find bouncy balls here at Target honestly I really don’t know
really hope so all right so just hard to someone they
said that there are bouncy balls here kind of hoping so they told us the aisle
we’re gonna go hunt it down try to find it so hopefully second place we look
will have bouncy balls alrighty we found it but unfortunately there’s only three
since there’s only three we are gonna have to have one person play the hole
after the first three play the hole I think I said that right yeah yeah all
right I know these are lacrosse balls but they really are like bouncy balls so
should work just fine exactly what we’re looking for
hopefully there we go all right we got the lacrosse ball we’re
here junior course these are like not normal lacrosse balls they’re a little
squishy er but he was gonna work really well since we only have three lacrosse
balls I’m gonna sit out I’m gonna let them three play and then I’ll play solo
the loser of today’s challenge I have no idea what they’re doing back there we’ll
be singing at the ledges here following this little match first goal right now
one hole in one your that’s a lot of confidence hole one hole one here down
the hill about a hundred and twenty yards the odds of us getting it there
with pitcher I mean that’s like almost a full pitching wedge with a golf ball that was really good just gonna be a
little short fading a little ride but not too bad I mean he got pretty good
distance out of it oh he went with the ground ball the key
today guys is to hit down on the ball from what I know is there putting a
little extra spin on it doesn’t make it knuckle but Matt for example he hit up
at the ball which made it a knuckle and spin to the right Steven kind of same
thing and that made it go a little shorter a little less accurate alright
Steven about 40 yards left here it’s pretty good Oh hit the pen gonna
come up a little short but not really wasn’t too bad that’s a good point thank
you it looks really good Garrett may be out of the woods on the
very first hole Wow he may be in the clear go ahead and let Garrett tap this
in yes he is playing barefoot by the way just in case y’all wanted to know that
my feet are their foreheads three that was a little pulled unless he makes
this he is moving on no matter what Garrett had a three this is Steven for
his three I was pretty good attempt but unfortunately not good enough he will
continue playing a little disappointed that I’m already out of the play
why are you disappointed you don’t have to sing that oh I don’t have to sing but
this is literally a fun challenge that is true these things really legit work
pretty good unless I get three on this whole Garrett’s done he’s moving on
they both had fives so you could get it too I could get it too there’s people
looking up should we there’s people well we’re gonna have to let them play
through all right guys zach is here on the tee with a wedge
let’s see if he can get it there I’m gonna zoom in just show you guys exactly
what’s gonna happen with the you got a hit down on it Zach second shot here 45
yards yeah see if we can knock it close Oh sick settle wait that thing like took
off once it land on the green what a putt are you kidding me are you
kidding me oh that’s insane we’re gonna have a ten feet putt off to see who wins
this hole and gets out of the match that I can’t believe I just made out dinner
that’s insane it’s not real quick we’re gonna do this
ten foot between me and Garrett ten-foot putt off whoever wins is done and does
not have to sing that’s not good all right Oh Garrett is done no singing
I can’t believe I made that putt however little lackluster three putt there in
the ten-foot putt off I’m still playing it number two here
part three about a hundred and twenty yards I think but it was straight heading a little right but oh what a
bounce oh that is heading a little okay got a decent bounce should be in good
shape there how are you feeling Steven I’m feeling pretty good just know that
you’re singing that’s all I know so here are all three of the balls almost the
exact same distance pretty ridiculous not the best slide kind of have to hit
down in it once again I’ve got a good feeling Stevens gonna hit a good one
here you never know oh that doesn’t need to go not at all
water yeah it’s gotta go all right kind of run edge yeah we got a
little work to do really all in all that was pretty good oh that was a bit
aggressive I wanna be singing all night yeah alright Zach a minion is up he’s
got to make this looking really I need to sit down I think it’s pretty
good speed that was just pulled a little bit oh I really thought that was in Oh No nice cinco not here to tie me and Steven
Oh butt off between Steven and Zach Steven left it a little bit short cut
off part two all right neither one of us really wants to sing
so we are grinding that not Stevens best effort not bad though just need a hit a
little harder I played the brake I knew if I hit the
speed right we’re in we’re not singing I just want him to top it in the woods so
we can get this over with right there yeah right there I was actually really
good dated back to good John that he might have slipped a little bit it’s
right down the middle I hope Stephen and Matt have warmed up
their vocal cords one of them is gonna be singing it’s not recording right
there Stephen tell them where you hid it it really did all right the third ear
second shot Stephen short uh-oh wool short all right
Stephen you do have the opportunity here to get it up and down for the win
because I don’t know if he’s making it from there I was actually really good
hit the pin oh oh oh that was big Garrett what are you doing no pressure
well this isn’t a victory but it is kind of a victory for everyone who doesn’t
lose that was not very aggressive people are gonna be blessed with your vocal
capabilities now it’s also true I was in a couple musicals myself really dad I
can do a little bit singing well we’re gonna find out alright so I’ve actually
been saying the ledges lead is this whole time and it is beat legends
legends finally they corrected me should be good for the legends legends baitball
that was gonna be a walk in the park and now it’s just gonna be a walk in a cave
full of scary people I’m pretty excited to see how this pans
out I yeah this is there’s gonna be a tree it’d be perfect there’s nobody here I
know just in a bit nervous here he’s not sure how it feels about this for quite a
few people here yeah I’ve been a meatball I’ll sit down and join the day yeah never would do this ever we’re thinking about Chipotle but I
don’t really know still a little nervous at this point but I think we’re gonna go
indoor somewhere that’s the plan so the Chipotle is here at the legends
so that still counts 100% here at the legends so we’re going to the Chipotle
and I guess Matt’s gonna sing for everyone at Chipotle wait he follows me
to the front door he’s at the front door yeah I’ll walk to you you’re at the
front door that way okay yeah he is just about to do this I actually can’t
believe he’s going to I have to hop this fence here to get to the front door
we’re just hopping that and it’s about to go down so y’all stay tuned all right my shake acapella I gotta give
you props Rho dot o it’s impressive nobody nobody participated though nobody
participated yeah I got a chair I can’t believe y’all were not in there I
wouldn’t want to be a part of that no chance I gotta give not mad props there
oh my goodness I’m shaking I was just filming and that was impressive he’s got
a voice seriously seriously that was unbelievable he
didn’t get the crowd participation that he was hoping for it’s a perfect song
can’t say that no it really was yeah that was that was something bro mad
props he came through with you know holding up to the end of you know the
loser had to sing in public can’t believe he actually did it Wow
hope you all enjoyed today’s challenge and you know cruel punishment however
he’s got a ridiculous voice I mean seriously that was highly impressive I
I’m still shaking a little bit what was that was I got a little adrenaline rush
for him very impressive if you don’t already
subscribe to them and follow them on instagrams I will link Matt’s
descriptions descriptions his socials down below in the description Garrett as
well I’ll put Geum golf’s socials down below and my boys Steven we’ve got to
get him on YouTube he’s not on YouTube but I will put his Instagram down below
hope you all enjoyed this lacrosse challenge the cross ball challenge this
I my mind is going 100 miles an hour after filming that so this is I’m just
rambling at this point hope y’all enjoyed it
stay tuned for more content if you like this kind of content please throw a
little thumbs up subscribe below comment below what you’d like to see for future
challenges and Garrett send them off alright we’ll see you guys just take it
easy yeah don’t sleep you

100 thoughts on “Playing Golf With A Lacrosse Ball | Loser Sings In Public | Featuring GM Golf And The Crew”

  1. I apologize for the volume level of the intro music. Had quite a few technical difficulties on this vid and forgot to lower the volume level of that clip. I attempted the shot tracer on the first 3 swings but its tough to get it right with how those balls were flying. The tracer was a bit off but you got the general idea of where the ball went. Also, I couldn't get it in my head that it is the Legends not the Ledges haha

  2. A plastic bag for wrapped lacrosse balls??? Serious 😑?!
    Please be a good example for your viewers
    Great video, as always fun to watch!!!

  3. Lol this video was awesome😂 I would have had to jump in on the singing for my boy matt though. I wouldn't have been able to sit there and watch him get nobody sing along lol

  4. I’m a big fan bud..i live in North Carolina an I wish I could play round after round with you an garret man y’all have a happy fourth an a shout out would be great lol @bobby_bunkley

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  6. Matt with the low-key voice killed it!!! But I have to say, for some vloggers and guys who act confident, you all turned in to some bitches!!! hahaha

  7. Props to Matt. I would've taken my medicine with a … tennis ball firing squad or something. Wow! Well done!

  8. Great vid Zac, can you do a more challenges that get Matt singing. Job_Equals_Done. He is an absolute weapon.

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