Profile – Irene Patrinos, women’s rugby

Profile – Irene Patrinos, women’s rugby

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Hi. I’m Irene Patrinos, fifth-year biology student with the University of Ottawa. I play fullback for the women’s rugby team. [Music plays] Right now rugby is a lot of my life, and it’s definitely… The thing about rugby is that like anybody can play. There’s a spot for anybody. If you’re a big girl, if you’re a small girl, they can put you in anywhere that you want and I like that about rugby. It’s very diverse on the people that you’re with. So that’s one of the reasons why I like playing with the girls. As a team, I think that we were too excited when we got to Nationals. It was first time in program history that we got to go, so there so everyone was really amped up. And it was good. Like obviously you want to be excited but at the same time I think we got into the game and we were just very high strung. And I think we kind of got very unorganized during our games. And… the thing about Nationals is the teams are so good, so that when we got sported on we kind of got a bit overwhelmed by that because during our season we won every game and then we ended up losing our second game. So then that kind of really took a toll on us because that was our first game that we lost all season and we kind of just quickly bounced back. Last year, no one ever thought that uOttawa could do anything. We had 20 years of just like… hardly any success and then… we had a really good year. And I just remember like the first time that we made CIS Top 10 and we were tenth. And it was like the biggest deal ever. And then now we’re number one and it’s just like such a different spot because now we’re on top, so there’s like way more pressure that way. As a rookie, I was definitely scared most of the time just because I never played at this level. Also, as a rookie coming in, it was my second year ever playing rugby. So I was very lost still and… now, I think I have way more sense of the game and a lot more experience. It’s… It was definitely good though. As a rookie, it’s a totally different experience It’s like very new to you and you meet all these new people. It’s a lot of fun. Now you’ve got all these established friendships and come to practice and everybody on the team is like your best friend. Canada Sevens is in the Olympics, so obviously everybody wants to make it to the Olympics, but that’s always like a huge goal. Or the World Cup is in two years, so from that Canada camp you can potentially be selected for other tournaments and other tours. So if you get invited to those, that would be amazing. [Music]

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