RAD SYSTEM – Ski rescue kit – Featuring Xavier de le Rue & Tony Lamiche

RAD SYSTEM – Ski rescue kit – Featuring Xavier de le Rue & Tony Lamiche

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The mountaineers are really into climbing, hard men and women who use a lot of gear, and then those who are more into skiing,
and then there are freeriders… It’s much easier to inspect a crevasse
with a rope than without one… But when you’re a skier,
scoping out a slope using a rope is not really what gets you going,
what we really want to do is ride! In the mountains, a rope is laborious. You have to unclip everything,
take off your backpack, take out the rope, uncoil it, lay it out, pay out the right length…
It involves just way too much. This is why the RAD was developed: to have quick-to-use rope kit, that you can take places
where people usually don’t take a rope. Now you have a small rope kit with you,
to scope out a slope, to inspect a crevasse,
to check out what’s just over a bulge… And you can take it out in a second,
so it’s never a pain. Now you’re secure to check
something out that looks harmless, but could potentially have dire consequences. The main advantage is that
it allows you to think ahead, to be prepared. I think ahead and take it out
quickly when needed. In the future, for professionals,
and for people who spend time in the mountains, this will be clipped to their harness,
30m of rope ready to use right away. If I need the rope, I just use it.
I don’t even think twice.

14 thoughts on “RAD SYSTEM – Ski rescue kit – Featuring Xavier de le Rue & Tony Lamiche”

  1. Ca donne envie … par contre pour le même prix j'ai l'ancien kit de secourt crevasse (poulie + poulie bloquante + tibloc + 2 mouquetons + 1 sangle) et 2x50m de corde a double …
    Apres si ils vendent la corde de 30m (6mm) seul ca pourrait etre interressant !

  2. c'esr vrai, mais quand même interessant. Bien que je trouve la corde un peu courte pour certaine crevasse. (mais generalement, quand on tombe de 30 metre, on s'en sort pas toujours très bien ; )

  3. Hola, certes 30m c'est pas trop long, mais il faut aussi voir le truc comme un outils pour anticiper. Puis on est souvent plusieurs… Mais c'est certain que la 60m va être vendue un jour. Une corde de prévention de 6mm sur laquelle on peut tirer avec un t-bloc…voilà comment je m'en sers…

  4. It's a great news guys, nice video! We made a Hungarian article about the Rad System:

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