100 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal: Rally | Nike”

  1. "Is he gonna play every point like that?"
    Me – Smashes like button for describing Nadal perfectly.

  2. Rafa is the one and only reason why I started watching tennis. His passion, fire and incredible skill are just so captivating. It's a real privilege to be able to watch this amazing warrior playing live. He's an absolute inspiration and a role model for all humans. He's simply the greatest. Vamos RAFA!

  3. Lets see, for 1 year nadal could not play 2 hours of hard tennis without getting tired, Federer called him an old man last year.
    The most unusual vein popping out of the middle of his left bicep was not there for a year and a half but showed up again in Rome this year where he was his old self again.
    Last year Federer beat him in a 3.5 hour final in austrailia where he got tired but federer did not, plus federer did not get tired in 5 hours at wimbldon at age 38.

    Steroids seem to be going in and out of style with mr delay the game nadal.

    Lets see, nadal averaged 110 mph serve his entire career but since rome is now 125.

    Mr steroid please take a bow.

    Tired of this BS

    Off or roids nadal can okay 1 hour peak tennis and serve 110 folks.

    Droopy mouth Fed is never off of roids.

    I am no russian fan but danil olayed a normal difficult draw, while steroid nadal played nobody, had a walkover, delayed illegally in every match without penalty till this one (umpire now needs body guards).

    This is what the atp calls a level playing field lol

    The corp globalist slam owners get the fans to watch steroid cheats, keep 93 percent of the money and payoff the council fed and nadal not to allow a players union in exchange for letting nadal and fed cheat like theives in every way.

    Shame on Goat cheats fedal.

  4. Any close match he would lose without the crowd, the cheating delays, the cheating bathroom breaks, the cheating shoe changes, the crowd threatening the umpire for enforcing time rules, the Body checks he does against opponents beating him, the easy draws, the multiple walkovers, the fellow country men that dont try against him.

    He is at best number 7 all time.

    He is a self entitled crybaby.

    I put Federer 2 slots worse in every category and then some, Serena very similar.

    Strange they are all managed by the same organization.

  5. Wow wow wow.
    I am watching tennis over 20 years
    Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.
    They are like
    Ali and Frazier
    Senna and prost
    This is gonna be history.
    Since 2004 omg

  6. Rafa Nadal: for him, the next best thing to playing and winning is…playing and losing. The worst part is being injured and unable to play. So he rehabs, tries to play, gets hurt, rehabs again….and again…and again until even he is questioning the futility of it all. He thinks about taking a break, letting mind and body heal. Then he thinks about not playing in Madrid this year….and he can't bear the thought of NOT playing there. So on he goes…now it's 2 more Masters' titles and 2 more slams later. Plus one Laver Cup with an injured hand, but he won a singles match and coached and cheered his team to victory. How much longer? I don't know. I only know that if Rafa can't find a way, no one can.

  7. I know they chose Nike sponsored athletes to show him 'rallying' against, but I find it funny that Agassi was with Adidas in this clip/when he played against Nadal. Still a pretty damn good commercial and sums up Rafa perfectly.

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  9. The player who is with nike is always win ….when roger have nike he won …now he is witg uniqlo he lost and lost.. .nike is not only a brand ….NIKE IS A LUCK FOR SPORTSMAN….

  10. It amazes me that Rafa has won as much as Federer despite having suffered from injuries year in year out FOR HIS ENTIRE CAREER.
    He really doesn't get enough credit for this.

  11. Most tennis players at 16 are still playing junior tournaments, while Nadal is already playing at the highest level. Just unreal.

  12. Most tennis players at 16 are still playing junior tournaments, while Nadal is already playing at the highest level. Just unreal.

  13. Me, a die hard Federer fan, understands the kind of genius Rafa is. I admire the fact that he doesn't know how to give up. Every single point. Every single match. He is always, Rafael Nadal.

  14. Educación, tenacidad, resiliencia, ejemplo, abnegación, talento… sin lugar a dudas, y con 33 años, con mucha cuerda por delante, si no es el mejor, es uno de los deportistas más grandes de todos los tiempos!!

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