Reversing the thumb lock on the Swisco 82-005 Sliding Door Handle


Hey, it’s Mike from and today I’m going to show you how
you can easily switch the thumb latch on your 82-005 Sliding Door Handle Assembly so the latch
can work from the left or right side Okay, so I’ve got the inside portion of the 82-005 sliding door handle assembly We don’t need the outside portion, as that is already neutral. So the first step here is to take your
flathead screwdriver and pop out the retainer clip. Releasing the thumb latch, and then just working this out of hte handle. Flip it over to the other side Alright, so now we have it facing the other way Take your clip, pop this back in place And there you go. So now we have the
82-005 handle assembly locking from the opposite side As always, thanks for watching this tutorial. If you have any questions on the 82-005 sliding
door handle assembly or any other hardware Please be sure to visit us online at

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