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Rozen lining tested today. Butterfly’s new product. I tested it in 2.1 sleeper red. DHS on the board Fang Bo B1 (link in description) Molded glued today was the first day and I think that would have required pogrania week quietly, because this rotation is not so satisfactory I had a lot of balls which landed in the net They did not want at all to the other side I could not adjust the angle of the rocket itself, respectively which does not change the fact that the cladding obviously it has a very nice rotation but it seems to me that it still needs to play a bit. Rozeny hardness with respect to the cladding Tenergy 05 You can say that it is quite similar, but it’s hard to judge today Rubber was first affixed, the first time reflected it is known that the rubber was played for the first time do not show the full properties but so far so far as I tested on the other side I had a black lining (tenergy 05) just and it seems to me that the hardness is more or less the same longline Speed ​​parameters cladding Rozen They are slightly smaller, really not really, so strongly felt, but they are smaller than the speed parameters Tenergy 05 Control over cladding You can even say it is dare to say that greater than Tenergy 05 due to the fact that its speed It is somewhat reduced relative to tenergy control so that is a little bit higher Honestly quality when it comes to topspin and kontartopspin has much in common here rotation linings and like I said it is not yet fully satisfactory when it comes to laying my hand to play This requires topspin the use of more powerful wrist, forearm stronger use topspiny course includes, as we have come This is very cool valuable ball but a little lacking in my opinion, to tenergy passive reception Rozen lining it seems to me that it is okay not here too much to comment not I detected some defects in the lining, he does what he wants It is also about passive play I trained here before jiffy with Darek passive play backhand and defense in the zone They saw very good included I gave them rotation making it difficult opponent piercing I think that here in gum 3, zone 2 very fun to exercise and this that the lining is a little slower than tenergy here you can Check cool saw the rocket It continues to this contact surface with rubber ball It is slightly extended August saw a long time sinking in lining and then I can very cool very cool place on the table to choose in Defence passive game, pushing the enemy back from the table and so on I think that this control is rubber very good and not a problem for me pushing the game, the reception is ok Service rubber Rozen out very good All that I want to get rotations lining performs faultlessly I am going to places that also sometimes happened that the ball He not drifted, but I think this is just simply the result of the fact that this is the first time lining glued still does not have all the Feature just possible to play I think she’s still really really need to play a little bit. If you would like to use as a replacement Rozen Tenergy 05 I think the Butterfly He produced and lining Tenergy he fights with each other to produce better gum or at least one that matched. I think that can not be matched Rozen and I do not think I would have applied it as a replacement. as a person who plays every day Tenergy As for the disadvantages facing Rozen so as I mentioned big downside for me is leave a little stronger impact It is a little weaker, a little slower and certainly I miss here this classic sound a new brake gain in the form of several so-called I think that this two minuses are here large enough for professionals However, because in professional tennis, this force is needed and for some players it takes is the sound that kinda makes the game and also it gives a much greater feeling for the ball rakietce Speaking about the pros lining Rozen I think This is a huge bonus Butterfly invented unless okąłdzinę probably because it still requires a lot of testing and a lot of other opinions invented a gum which It stands between and Tenergy 05 Tenergy 05 FX which is a little more balanced Compared to Tenergy 05 the offensive board which is relatively hard and rigid board I would have tried to establish that facing on a little softer board I think facing Rozen in my case it proved to be more on the backhand, if we have a player who prefers playing forehandową and considers this page for a stronger and in turn to the other side of the backhand it has also established Tenergy and considers the gum too long This would have advised him to just assume Rozen and test whether the cladding would not be here to more balanced in terms of speed and control blocking lining I think it’s basically the same element as in the case of Tenergy it seems to me that if someone can block it the lining will have absolutely no problem control is very good blocking both passive as well as offensive goes well compared to Tenergy I think even the same in the description of this video you have a link at the bottom of the screen that will take you to my previous test pads Tenergy 05 behold, feet up, we will continue to test for you cladding thanks a lot

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