Rickey Thompson Breaks Down the Royal Family Tree | Royal Tea | Harper’s BAZAAR

Rickey Thompson Breaks Down the Royal Family Tree | Royal Tea | Harper’s BAZAAR

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– Hey guys! We are back! I just love talking royals with you. I get so excited about this
moment each and every week! Hello, It’s me Rickey Thompson
and this is Royal Tea. Grab a cup, ’cause it’s gonna get steamy. (royal trumpets) This is the most complicated
part of the monarchy. Who is who? I remember watching this wedding, and it was so hard to
keep up with the family. You have the uncles,
the aunties, the hats! Did y’all see those hats? Today I’ll be breaking
down the ins and outs of this family. Strap in! ‘Cause it’s gonna get real tedious. The Queen, Queen Elizabeth, is the longest reigning
monarch in history. She married Prince Philip in 1947. They’re actually third cousins. They share the same
great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. (gagging) Ew, but okay. Elizabeth and Philip have
four children together. Prince Charles, Princess Anne,
Prince Andrew, Prince Edward. Prince Charles, also known
as the Prince of Wales, is the next in line for the throne. He married Princess Diana in 1981 and they had two kids together. Prince William and Prince Harry. Okay, so. There was a time where
Prince William, he was fine. But then, Prince Harry, (chuckles) stole that from him real quick. Also, Prince Harry he just
has all that nice hair. Prince William. (whoosh) Charles and Diana divorced in 1996. In 2005 he remarried Camilla Parker Bowles and they don’t have any kids together. Prince William, also known
as the Duke of Cambridge, is second in line for the throne. He married Kate Middleton. (gasp) (snaps fingers) Wait I know her. Now known as the Duchess of Cambridge. They have three kids together, Prince George, Princess
Charlotte and Prince Louis. But let’s get into the King! Prince George! (snaps fingers) Thank You. (squeeling) Oh my God! Look at him in his little sweater vest. He is so adorable! I think he looks just like his daddy! Pause, I take it back. He looks just like Kate. Oh, that morning mood. I feel you, you just look
miserable right here. Oh, I feel you Too early, too early. Let’s move on
(snap) Prince Harry, the Duke of
Sussex, married Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, in 2018. They’re expecting their
very first baby this spring. We know all about that! But if you did not know, go ahead and check out the first episode of Royal Tea, to get the
full breakdown, baby! Prince Harry is technically sixth in line for the throne because
he comes right after Prince William’s kids. Now, sadly, he will be pushed
back each and every time William and Kate have a baby. Okay, back to Princess Anne, she married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. She and Captain Phillips have two kids, Peter Phillips, who’s the
Queen’s oldest grandson, and Zara Phillips, but
they divorced in 1992. And she remarried Sir Timothy
Laurence the same year. Peter Phillips married
his wife Autumn in 2008 and they have two children together. Savannah Phillips and Isla Phillips. Zara married her husband Mike Tindall, who’s a professional
rugby player, in 2011. And they also have two kids together, Mia Tindall and Lena Tindall. Prince Andrew is also
known as the Duke of York. He married Sarah Ferguson in 1986, but they divorced in 1996. They have two daughters together. Princess Beatrice, who’s
eighth in line for the throne, Princess Eugenie, who’s
ninth in line for the throne, she married Jack
Brooksbank in October 2018. Prince Edward is the Queen’s
fourth and youngest child. He married Sophie, Countess
of Wessex, in 1999. They also have two kids, Lady Louise Windsor and
James, Viscount Severn. Geez! That was a lot! Are you guys still with me? Am I a great teacher? Let me know in the comments below. (royal music) All right, you guys. It’s time for my favorite segment, Rumor Report! Where we shut down all
those fake, ass rumors. Pippa Middleton wore a fake
butt to her sister’s wedding. I don’t believe this because
that ass right there, Wow! You can’t buy that ass, baby. That is hard work right there. Go ahead, Pippa girl. Meghan, oh. No you… Geez, Meghan Markle is a robot. No (chuckles) I already told y’all. You’re not about to
come for my girl, okay? She is not a robot. She is a woman, she is human! Come correct next time, okay? Thank you. Prince Charles has a cracking bod. What are they talking about? Oh! (grunts) Oh, okay but the
throwback picture, though. Oh. The Queen is a
shapeshifting alien reptile. Now, you know what? You guys are wrong for this. If I was the Queen I would send
you straight to the dungeon. No questions asked. Like, excuse me? That is a woman, she is not a reptile. (royal music) Pippa’s dress looks like
the Arizona iced tea can. Hashtag Royal Wedding. (whistle) (gasp) (slurping) When the world ends, all
that will be left are cockroaches and Prince Philip. (whistle) Remember, under UK Law,
Will and Kate are required to have one, hashtag, Royal Baby for each and every Fast
and Furious film produced. (whistle) That was a good one. (chuckles) Princess Charlotte is me at the
beginning of the school year and Prince George is me five
seconds into the semester. (whistle) Me, literally me. I relate to this so much. I could not stay in
school so Prince George, I feel you with that one. I feel you, buddy. Alrighty, you guys. That was your crash course
of the Royal family. I really hope you took notes
because there will be a test. Thank you, guys so much for tuning in. And don’t forget to give us a big like. Smash that subscribe button. Also, don’t forget to wash your face. Share this video with your
mom, your dad, your grandpa, your dog, your best friend, I
don’t know, share the video. Alrighty, you guys. It’s me, Rickey Thompson. Bye! (royal note)

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