Ride with us in 2019 – North Queensland Cowboys

Ride with us in 2019 – North Queensland Cowboys

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– [Wayde Chiesa] North
Queensland’s a big place. The roads are long, the
towns spread far and wide. The days are hot and the nights steamy. Up here, the people are different. We’re not about the bright
lights and the glamour. We like a simpler life. Not afraid to roll up our
sleeves and get our hands dirty. We’re born tough and bred proud. There’s one symbol that
draws us all together, our badge of belonging. Our members travel from far
and wide to gather at our home. This is our meeting place to get loud. (crowd cheering) These are our colors we wear with pride. This is the team we believe in. When you ride with us, you’re one of us. Whether you’re from around here
or call another corner home, you know what it felt like
to be on top of the world. You know what heartbreak looks like. You know what it felt like to say goodbye to the greatest of all time. You know we’re hard working, humble, and we stand up for one another. Though we fought hard, we failed. We know we’ll never give up. We stay and fight to the very end. – [Announcer] Can you believe that? – [Wayde Chiesa] You take
the good times with the bad. You stick with us through thick and thin. Because to us, it’s more than just a game. It’s a way of life. It’s a feeling of hope. What we believe in and belong to. (quiet inspirational music)

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