Rossignol | 3 Year Old Goes Heli-Skiing!

Rossignol | 3 Year Old Goes Heli-Skiing!

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So the main question I have for you today is splashsuit with or without Superman cape? Here we go. We got radios, that’s for sure. We have to be really careful we don’t climb up onto the propellers because then they might swing us around and around and then we might let go and then we might go on to the hard snow and then we might have to go the hospital. (That is true.) (Yeah, we would not want to grab the blades today.) Nope. Thank you so much! You’re very welcome! Three, two, one, dropping! Woohoo! ♪ Kasper singing ♪ Heli-skiing is awesome! Here we go. Do you wanna ski as fast as we do? I’m gonna try to keep up with you. Should we ever go heli-skiing again? Yeah! Yeah? We should go heli-skiing for 100 days!

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