RT Podcast: Ep. 365 – Salty About Salty

RT Podcast: Ep. 365 – Salty About Salty

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Rooster Teeth Podcast Gus: It’s your turn Burnie: Let me try and think about this for a second … who’s been said so far? Miles: Lauren Tweeted me, you Tweeted me Burnie: Kyle Gus: Texted Miles: No
Burnie: Fuck! This game sucks Gavin: Josh? Miles: No Gus: I have no Idea. I don’t know!

38 thoughts on “RT Podcast: Ep. 365 – Salty About Salty”

  1. 1:35:40 Something that is improtant to remember about this there is nothing wrong with being sad that a fictional character died or when you listen to a sad song, i mean i was pretty down after the walking dead season 1 game, but you shouldn´t let that effect your life

  2. Speaking of websites you use to check if the internet is working. My roommate and I used to have some weird router firewall issues or something where we would be specifically unable to access the search result page for our college library database (and a couple other weird things) periodically. For some reason my fall-back test for whether or not this was fixed was to go to the library homepage and type in "worms".

  3. At around 1:20:00 Burnie talks about that shooting for the movie for that cameo in that movie starring James Franco i think and I find it funny cause I just listened to last weeks (or the week before,, a recent podcast at least) and he finally revealed what it was haha

  4. Wait.. People are cringing because they don't know how to use Snapchat? I'm cringing simply because of the existence of Snapchat!

  5. 22:30 Gavin talking about how a ripple through glass looks fake in the Matrix, before he films an actual ripple through glass on SlowMoGuys.

  6. Guess now Burnie has his answer on how the rest of 2016 was going to be. How do you think he feels about it all now?

  7. Miles Luna is the 11th most famous Miles.
    Gavin Free is the 2nd most famous Gavin.
    Burnie Burns is the 3rd most famous Burnie.
    Gus Sorola is the 2nd most famous Gus.

    Your Welcome.

  8. You definitely would be in trouble if someone stood 20 feet away from the core of the earth, the core of the earth is as hot as the surface of the sun, and this is what I found about the surface of the sun and a safe distance: "The sun is about 93 million miles away from Earth, and if we think of that distance as a football field, a person starting at one end zone could get about 95 yards before burning up"

  9. Pretty infuriating that Burnie said that Miles Teller is "known for Fantastic Four" but didn't even mention Whiplash. That dude is crazy talanted.

  10. I love how Burnie referenced two scenes from Batman Begins & The Dark Knight thinking they were the same scene together in The Dark Knight Rises. Hilarious!

  11. It goes:
    New Moon,
    Waxing Crescent,
    First Quarter,
    Waxing Gibbous,
    Full Moon,
    Waning Gibbous,
    Third Quarter,
    Waning Crescent,
    Those are the phases of the moon!
    (Yep I got that from Mr. Lee productions.)

  12. I also read a horror manga know as Uzumaki or curse of the spiral. Not scary but absolutely disgusting! Check it out because it is very good.

  13. I'm still confused as to why Miles started hitting Gavin with a pillow. I couldn't hear what Gavin said, or if it was something he did.

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